Remember Allah

Imagine if you had an apartment building, and you have a friend starting out. Out of your kindness, you decide to give the apartment building away to the friend, and he can use the profits in anyway he wishes. All that you ask is, when you’re in town you’d like one apartment from there, and that is agreed upon.

Later you you come, and find that your friend has been quite successful, and your reserved apartment…well, theres the disappointment. You find it that it is being used as your friends shed. There is all sorts of junk piled up everywhere. Naturally, you are angry, after all he broke his word.

Haven’t we broken our loyalty to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala)? He has given us a family, good health, safety, and countless blessings. All that we are supposed to do is fill our hearts with that which He loves, and turn against what He hates. With that heart, we can do so much good. Yet, we do the opposite. We fill our hearts with junk, loving those people and actions which Allah hates! How can we then expect Allah to bless our lives with happiness and barakah?

My brother told me the above a very long time ago, and I tried to remember and paraphrase to the best of my ability, so thats the only source you can get for that. 🙂


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