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Horrible Women

I honestly sat here trying to think of a few examples of women gone awry, and this is what I came up with.  Its been the rare marriage that was destroyed at the hands of a woman, and the only … Continue reading

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Banging your head

What do you do when you’re in a situation where you have to do something you really don’t enjoy? You push yourself towards enjoying it, but no matter what you fail. I know it may be a psychological effect too, … Continue reading

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…of the male-bashing, I can hear them all say. Well, I must say in my own defense, this, this, and this is really not male-bashing. These are just observations of the things that happen around me. They are merely (very … Continue reading

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Men, Marriage, and Careers

When a man proposing for marriage says… I want a woman who will be a home-maker, and not interested in a career. I don’t prefer her to have a degree. …it is code for: I am looking for a doormat … Continue reading

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Yay! It Rained!

I woke up today to find it was raining.  Ordinarily rain makes me happy.  I’m one of those crazy people who likes cold weather.  Well DigiN thinks I’m crazy for it anyways, but what does she know?  Well, she knows … Continue reading

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A California Girl…

…becomes a Muslim. Take a look. She was beautiful enough without hijab…but with it: Wow, mashaAllah, she is absolutely gorgeous!

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Funny Personality Test!

What Famous Leader Are You? personality tests by Tell me who you allegedly resemble, yes? Hint, hint to everyone who passes by here! 😀 (Thanks for the link, Mona; it was an entertaining way to start my day!)

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Its Raining, Its Pouring…

I woke up today to find it was raining. Ordinarily rain makes me happy. I’m one of those crazy people, who likes cold weather. Then I got worried, I’ll have to walk to the library in the rain, what should … Continue reading

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This is blogworthy. Or not. But, check this out. I had thought I returned a book at the end of the last semester (back in May). My record still showed it as Checked Out, by me no less. So of … Continue reading

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Stop the Violence

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is today. While I could talk about general facts and figures regarding the abuse of women in the States, I am going to instead focus on the state of affairs in … Continue reading

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