Nature of this World

Surely, the likeness of this world is that of a snake:
it is soft to touch, and deadly poisonous.
The ignorant child is distracted by it,
and the one with understanding and intellect is cautious of it.

So turn away from what fascinates you in it,
for how little of it stays with you.

Sayyidina Ali Radiallahu Anhu

Is it not curious how “the one with understanding and intellect is cautious of” the world? Very very very different from today’s time, where those with supposed understanding and intellect (and surely each of us strives to be in this category), rather than approaching the world with wariness, we instead run to the world. Really, its seems like we cannot get enough of the world!

This reminds me of something my mom always quotes: Run towards the world and it will run from you. Turn away from the world, and it will be yours!

Hmmm, but I don’t think it means that if I stop working on this project, it will sort itself out. Sigh!


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2 Responses to Nature of this World

  1. Bateeka says:

    An excellent reminder 😀

    Jazaki Allah koli khair 🙂

  2. Ah, but for me to act upon the reminders…one day at a time, I shall make progress, inshallah!

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