Goin in Circles

Today we were invited to the Tahfeedh al Quran of the son of a person my father knows. We decided we would go, since they invited our entire family, and it would be a nice day out. Attached with the invitation was a map. Now it wasn’t any ordinary map. It was a home made map using Microsoft Word. Why on earth anyone would go through making their own map, when its quicker and easier (for all sides) to just use the free and widely available Mapquest. My dad looked at the map, and presumed it would be the easiest place to get to, seeing the false illusion the map gave.

So on our way we were….for 2 hours! We literally went in circles. Getting onto the freeway, getting off the freeway, going up and down streets hunting this place down. Eventually, we decided this was a lost cause, and there must be some good in our not being there. It was rather hilarious to be honest. I think that must the first time we ever tried to go somewhere and failed all attempts of finding our destination. Always use Mapquest, no matter how easy the map provided looks! LOL.

We still got to go out though. After Maghrib we were invited at the Walimah of a brother who recently got married and knows my father. It took an hour and half to get there, but it was worth it. They were rather excited to have us, and even got us parking right at the front. lol. It was quite pleasant and fun alhamdulillah.


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