Yo, Drivers in Cali!

May I have your attention please? Saturday is supposed to be a day of low to zero stress. As such, your driving should not be a reflection of your previous week’s angst; neither should your driving induce my blood pressure to take an unreasonable rise.
Things to avoid on a Saturday to help my health:

  • Please don’t throw your car into reverse when you are two feet away from me. I have a nice cold bottle of water in my hands and am unprepared for such chaos-inducing maneuvers that are done for no reason visible to the naked eye.
  • Please don’t change lanes suddenly without flipping on your indicators, and jerking your gas-guzzling, ozone-depleting SUV from one lane to another like you’re drunk. Even though you might be.
  • Please note that I had turned my signal on, checked over my shoulder for the all-clear, and am in the middle of moving into the next lane, when you decided you needed to change lanes, and how dare this chic be in your way? That was not very nice or polite now, was it?

I can cope when you do all this on the weekdays. But I don’t expect it on a Saturday*. I expect you to be as calm and mellow as I am (or was until you came along). Is that too much to ask for?

Here are some nice stress-relieving activities for a lovely Saturday in California:

  • Go for a nice picnic.
  • Go to Disneyland.
  • Have a barbecue on the beach.
  • Buy your wife a beautiful piece of jewelery (and a mouthwatering Le Creuset for her kitchen).

Whatever you do, just chill out, dudes and dudettes! Drive like you have not a care in the world.

*I don’t appreciate this craziness on a Sunday either.


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8 Responses to Yo, Drivers in Cali!

  1. GH says:

    I hope it was a nice weekend!

  2. People are always in a hurry to get where they want have to be 5 seconds earlier.. 🙄

  3. Em says:


    That sounds like the drivers in Singapore… Ive been to California years ago… I basically dont drive in Singapore to scary..Used to drive in Perth where the road rocks when I lived there few years ago but now I bus it or use the train everywhere.. But I so get what you mean.

  4. Dino$ says:

    lol soon i will be posting advice for those annoying drivers who cant seem to stick to thier lanes lol

    nice post.. i need a picnic 😛

  5. GH, it was a very nice weekend, alhamdulillah…and harrowing too! Welcome, hope to read more of you!
    Rebellious, tell me about it! Its like, why can’t they leave the house 10 minutes earlier?
    Em, Salaams, sis! I don’t blame you! I would love to live in a place where the mass transit system was even halfway decent…unlike here! 😦
    Dino$, Thanks, and I want a picnic too! And I want them all to read your advice. I should take out a billboard with good tips!

  6. Muslim Wife says:

    Le Creuset?? Have I? Did I? I think so! I pulled another one over to my side, hehe 😛

    *note: I don’t own a single piece of Le Creuset, because it’s just downright israaf. Now, if someone gifted one to me, that’d be a different story….

  7. Muslim Wife, 😆 Yeah, I think you did! And ummmm I’ll commit a little israaf on your behalf one day, inshallah! 😉 *kisses*

  8. alzubra says:

    Hehe, once my teacher said, in every other state a red light means stop. In California, it means 5 more cars will go through. 😛 Typical California…

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