Nooooo, I didn’t!!!

Vote, that is. Its our midterm elections in the States, and our state’s governor, the ever so famous (and infamous?) governor, Arnold Schwartznegger was up for re-election. And there were a bunch of propositions to vote for. But I have no clue what a single one of them were about.

I have been blissfully tuning out political news, and you know what? The sky didn’t fall down. The Earth didn’t stop spinning. The wars continued. Life went on. Nothing changed when I paid attention to the crap, and nothing changed when I stopped paying attention. So I think I will continue just paying attention to my very own 12 x 8 square foot space of the planet, mind my own business, find real stuff that I actually can impact, and actually live a real life. As opposed to watching politicians kill and corrupt, same as they have always done.

And sorry to be a killjoy for the people who voted, but think about it: If you voted, then you will get what you voted for no matter who wins. And if you did not vote, the status quo will remain the same…same as if you had voted.

Hopefully, I will be out of this cynical funk the next time elections roll around. I wonder, though!


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5 Responses to Nooooo, I didn’t!!!

  1. Dino$ says:

    how can u elect smoeone who was one the “terminator” lol

    ill be back

  2. well.. I am Canadian and I vote in Canada. but I am liberal which is sort of the democratic political views of the US. but in reality.. things will not change… maybe their approach to things will be different.. but in the end.. same conclusion..

  3. Dino$, Is that a promise or a threat? 😆

    Well, our governator is back. *sigh*

    Mona, Unfortunately, I am in agreement with you. Same stuff, different party. Business as usual…

  4. ala says:

    I didn’t vote either… *looks around*
    but I as well am happy that I haven’t (alhamdulilalh 🙂 )

    Nice post, I like the way you explained it, barakAllahu feeki

  5. Ala, I admit I had a twinge of regret re: not voting this morning…but I think I have recovered! And I am happy I am in such good company!

    You are too kind; ameen, and right back at you!

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