Cynicism restored

Yes, I must admit it: a mere 8 hours later, and the honeymoon is already over. The promise of a wonderful relationship was merely a figment of my highly impudent and fantastic imagination. Madame Pelosi, our romance must not have meant anything to you, even before you began it. Oh well, such is the case with love affairs: us poor delusional fools get high on empty promises of nothing.

I read this article, and must come back to my pre-election position, with quite a disappointing thump: that it will merely be business as usual. Will my heart take it? (Hint: one word answer, which starts with a Y, ends with an S, and has three letters.)

Back to real life it is! 😯


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2 Responses to Cynicism restored

  1. queenie says:

    I know what you mean. I was excited about the first woman Speaker of the House, but we would’ve been off better without her 😦

  2. Another sad story indicating the direction we will traveling with Madam Pelosi at the helm: Victory without Vision

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