Hello Madame Pelosi!

The Dems took the House. I didn’t think they could do it…but lo and behold, I tune out and here they come! Now lets see what major changes they bring about. Is it going to be gridlock after gridlock after gridlock–or will the President work with them? Time will only tell. So now we have our first female Speaker of the House, California’s own Nancy Pelosi. Please do us proud, Madame!

Some notable things from the tale-end of the President’s news conference this morning:

I don’t think they [the Democrats] don’t want America to be attacked again.

Hmmmmm, I think he didn’t mean to say the second don’t…coz why on Earth would anyone (even evil liberals) want their country to be attacked?

The President apparently knew the Republicans would lose a few seats, just not how many seats, because he “read the polls.” I thought the polls were part of one big focus group, and the President doesn’t pay attention to focus groups. I was mistaken. Glad he clarified that for us.

And, its good-bye to Defense Secretary Rumsfeld. Isn’t it kind of surprising given how staunchly the President was supporting him just last week? And today he’s been given the boot. There are simply no loyalties left in this world of ours!

And what was up with that one weird reporter who asked the President if Nancy Pelosi looks like Bob Bullock? Whoever that is! What a bizarre and condescending question about the woman who is third in line to Presidency! Nobody really gives a damn what you think of her looks, you sexist chauvinistic pig!

I think this just re-energized my faith in the political process. I won’t get my hopes too high up though. Its nicer to have these semi-pleasant surprises, as opposed to the constant crushing disappointments.


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