Craziness on Campuses

What the heck is going on here, in this fine state of California? UCLA is tazing students for not providing ID, and a couple of disturbed people are attacking girls at CSULB. 😯

I am watching/listening to the video (from Queenie’s site) of the UCLA incident right now, for the first time…I can’t believe it. The police are doing this in broad the library…in front of witnesses. I cannot even express the shock and horror I feel. These nutjobs called police officers never stop. You would think the Rodney King episode would have marked a change in their behavior. That could be me…or you…Do you know how easy it is to forget an ID at home? And to be tazered for that?

All I can say is I give major props to the students around there who tried to get badge numbers and other information from these … non-humans.

And then these guys at CSULB who are attacking girls. Today they are doing it at night, in empty parking lots. They are apparently increasing security presence at the school…but does that mean we are safer, given the wanton abuse of power of California’s finest? And are we going to see the day when people do this openly? Seeing the direction our society is going does not bode well for our future safety. Its either civilians or its the cops…we’re screwed either way.

Why do they things like this? How can they conceive of such things? How much insanity does the excuse of an “abused childhood” cover?

I am absolutely drained. I feel like fainting.


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7 Responses to Craziness on Campuses

  1. Hello 🙂

    WOW that is crazy! Thanks for posting. Did not hear about it.

  2. Hi! Look who’s back, its Miss Independent! Happy to see you around! 🙂
    I know, I have no more words about that sickness-inducing stuff.

  3. Dino$ says:

    didit see much… heard a lot of screaming.. but the world is coming to an end… seriously judgment day is soo near!!! :(—

    but what is a “Tazer” gun… im soo clueless :S

  4. electric shock, …it was painful. I watched it on youtube…itwas so wrong.
    It goes to show, when one of us ( muslims) is in pain we all are in pain
    as i watched and listned to his screaming it felt as if someoen was squeezing my heart and my breathing stoppped and i was in near tears at the end of it…

    there is always justice in the end. If not here, then insh’allah in the hereafter Allah is a fair, and just master

  5. Dino$, Nah, I wondered that too. According to Wikipedia: An electroshock gun, also referred to as a stun gun, is a weapon used for subduing a person by firing something which administers electric shock, disrupting superficial muscle functions.
    I guess hmmm there is not much to see as they don’t really capture the tasing on video (thank heaven!); its more the blatant abuse of authority, in open and with complete impunity.

    Muslimah In Hijab, I so agree with that…although, to be honest, I think my reaction would be the same if it was a non-Muslim on the receiving end. My sense of horror was magnified because he is a Muslim…but if he were not, I would be thinking “Today its them, tomorrow it can be us.” Know what I mean? And you know, if it were not for Allah and his Mercy and Justice, I really don’t know how humanity would keep going on. Its really the only light at the end of the tunnel. No oppression or injustice lasts forever; it all comes to an end at some point. InshaAllah, we will be on the right side of things.

  6. i agree, but i was referring to the muslim ummah as a whole
    We are one body, when one part of our body is hurt, they we hurt all over.
    Indeed, if anyone, i would be left in horror. but him being muslim hurt even more b/c we have that love for one another as muslims being brother and sisters
    alh. i agree, it’s due to Allah’s’ mercy the world can still go on


  7. I know precisely what you were meaning…I was just adding something I did not think about when I wrote my post. 🙂

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