One quick question before I tell you about my awesome weekend. How come sheikhs who make the following kinds of statements never get any publicity? And there are plenty like him around, and this was the statement:

Men, when you are out with your wife who is wearing the hijab, be supportive of her. When you are wearing your shorts and blending in, and there she is looking all different, you are just helping further the image of oppression. Put a hat on your head, grow a beard. Show that Islam applies for the both of you, that she is not the only one who has to do “all that stuff” alone.

That was simply wonderful, in my opinion. We need a media blitz of those kinds of statements…as opposed to the ridiculous “women = uncovered meat” kind of stuff (which nobody outside the Muslim community can understand.)

Yes, so, anyhow, there was a lecture seminar this weekend that we attended. The theme of the day was basically “Trouble and How to Deal with It.” Among the many wonderful things that we took away were the following bits and pieces. Yes, they are soundbites…easy to chew on and quote to yourself when you are having a bad moment.

Lecture 1

  • We plan a smooth ride for ourselves, and Allah planned for us a rollercoaster.
  • We see a slice of the pie, and Allah sees the whole pie! And because we don’t see the whole pie, we ask “Why me?!” when we are in difficulties.
  • Adversity faces every life in this world, Muslim and non-Muslim. But how do you deal with it, and what do you learn from it? You deal with it by:
    • Taking advantage of the circumstances.
    • Activate your extra inner strength: physically your body provides extra strength when you need it most. Spiritually attain more strength by means of a)du’aa; b)Counting your blessings; c)Forgive and overlook.
    • Use humor; a child laughs 200-300 times a day while the average adult laughs about a dozen times a day. (Surely kids have more issues; for crying out loud, they are learning to walk, and growing teeth and figuring out the potty and learning how to talk and eat–all at the same time–yet they are laughing. SubhanAllah.)
  • Sacrifice and hardship are part of the plan for success.

Lecture 2
What is your response to injustice? Outrage or apathy? How about the middle path, as we are the nation of balance.

  1. Sabr and salaah.
  2. Do not be passive.
  3. Don’t pass on the oppression.
  4. Defend deen and honor in a way that is correct; remember that good and bad can NEVER be equal.

Lecture 3

  • We need to be producers of the culture, not consumers. (We must contribute to the American society we are living in, not merely blend in, assimilate, and everything will be fine. We must leave an Islamic impact.)
  • Have your faith dictate your actions and speech. (This is so important!!!)

Lecture 4

  • The Final Day will only come when there is nobody to make ibaadah. Ibaadah is the need of the world. Without it, the world literally will come to an end. The sheikh gave the following story: (alzubra, please correct whatever I am misremembering!)
    • During the Indian Revolution against the British, there was a village in India that was full of Muslims. The practicing Muslims among them were driven out or were imprisoned by the British, and there were only a few Muslims left, who were not into prayer and the other fundamentals. So, this village was having lots of problems, the prosperity of the village was severely affected and the Hindus were very unhappy about it. The solution for them? They went to the Muslims who were left, beat them black and blue, and forced them to go to the masjid to pray salaah, saying “because you guys are not praying and being good Muslims, that is why we are not having any success.” SubhanAllah. So important is our salaah…not just for ourselves, but even for those who don’t have Islam.
  • The prophet Moosa (alayhimus salaam) could not understand the action of Khidhar (alayhis salaam), and we think we can understand what Allah does?

These are merely my notes from the event…Maybe we can get hold of the audio for these lectures? What do you think, alzubra? 😉


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7 Responses to Soundbites

  1. Em says:


    I declare that this is a good and interesting post.

  2. Muslim Wife says:

    So who is this mysterious sheikh? : )

  3. Em, Salams, and I declare that it was a great and wonderful conference! 🙂 MashaAllah!
    Muslim Wife d’ya really wanna know? Do you think the masses can handle it? Oh wait, there are no masses here, its just me and you, ukhti! 😛 I am goofy today coz of my headache…excuse me please! It was a sheikh by the name of *daff roll please* Abdur Rahman ibn Yusuf; and I just checked their website, and mashaAllah they have posted the audio from the conference up there…you can catch it here inshaAllah. 🙂

  4. queenie says:

    These are really great notes DN!
    It is so true that your spiritual strength supplements your physical, emotional, and mental strengths in times of need.

  5. queenie, Nah, they are not, because you know, half the time, I was sitting there absolutely transfixed and forgot to write stuff down lol. But I am happy you had such kind words for me. 🙂

  6. Faith says:

    Greatttttttt post Masha’Allah =)

  7. Faith, Thank you, I am happy if stuff in there was beneficial 🙂

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