…of the male-bashing, I can hear them all say. Well, I must say in my own defense, this, this, and this is really not male-bashing. These are just observations of the things that happen around me. They are merely (very wordy) illustrations of our sociological conditions…which happen to have men as the stars of the show. I mean, if you want to know what real male-bashing is…well, lets just say you should all thank your lucky stars that blogs were not around 8 and 10 years ago. Nuff said?

So I will attempt to even the scales a little. In this post, I will show my appreciation for all actions male.

I don’t know how to begin though…

Joke! Relax! I am not really that bad, I swear…I just can’t think of anything! Is that my fault?!

OK, there was the guy who drives his homesick wife 1,500 miles across lonely roads, which are also rather dangerous when the natives are restless, so that she can visit her family for a couple of days. Never mind that he is splitting his time between business, school, and other family responsibilities. Wife is feeling lonely…so they up and take the unexpected trip.

Does it count that the guy is my brother, and yes, I am big-time biased? Its still appreciating that there are decent men out there–even if we do have to raise them ourselves!

A non-familial example…lets see…hmmmm…

Oh, there is the family whom we invited to dinner. After eating, the men went off to pray at the mosque, and we asked the man to let his wife stay for a few hours, coz she was a lot of fun to talk to. So he agreed. But since this was our first time meeting her, he apparently was not sure if she was really comfortable with the idea. So he calls her up after they finish praying, and we can hear her reassuring him that she is ok, the baby is fine, they are comfortable…just come later to pick me up, honey. Awwww. That was sweet. A man that protects his family is really a beautiful thing…even when he is trying to protect them from you yourself!

I have no more examples, what can I say? At least I tried.

So, see, I can acknowledge that there are decent men out there. Its just that there does not seem to be enough. And while it may be argued that there are not enough decent women either, I respond that we can only be as “good ” as we are treated.

So, in a further attempt to balance the scales, I will talk about horrible women in my next post. Its going to be a good one…if I can think of anything.


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7 Responses to Enough…

  1. Muslim Wife says:

    Haha, masha’allah, good job for the even keel! Maybe you don’t know more “good guy” stories cuz they’re all kept private between the hubby and wife 😉 I for one don’t tell anyone anything hubby does or doesn’t do. I’m just fine with people thinking he’s a meanie or something. Hey, nobody get’s ‘ain for a mean hubby,lol.

    This is my fav. part: “So, in a further attempt to balance the scales, I will talk about horrible women in my next post”

    Hehehe, have fun!

  2. lol the thing is that there is an acute shortage of good guy stories because of obvious reasons; they just aren’t good enough these days!

    But Allah’s treasures are endless. Insha’Allah we’ll get our gems!

  3. alzubra says:

    There are good men out there, we’ve just yet to find them. Just like there are good women out there, we’ve yet to find them. Of course you can think of horrible women. What about the story of the woman who tried to take the ring away….or the woman who…okay never mind, I’m an optimist, look at the bright side peeps!

  4. Digital No says:

    Muslim Wife, the fewer good guy stories the better–I don’t wanna nazar a good marriage–ya Rabbi, if there is at least one good marriage out there, that is in accordance with Islamic principles, then I am happy enough, without knowing the juicy details 😉 lol.
    Writer’s Creek, lool this is unfortunately too true. Having a father who does marriage counseling does NOT reinforce one’s faith in the modern Muslim marriage 😦 And no, I haven’t (and inshaAllah never will) delved into the stories that have passed by our home–the horror stories are purely in-family disasters. 😥
    “But Allah’s treasures are endless.” So true, alhamdulillah! 🙂
    Um, wait, you just took my hope away–I used to think the good guys were just in hiding, or in another part of the world…but here you are, telling me there is an “acute shortage” which means the likelihood of finding one is extremely low!!! waaaaaa waaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaa (lol)

  5. zubbie, what woman who tried to take what ring away? :S Make a post out of it, dear, coz I can’t think of ANY horrible women (I kid, I tease, I joke!!!)

  6. Seriously, your father does marriage counselling!? Wow…

    But be assured sis, that there are good men out there. I once read somewhere that girls should read surah Taha, I think its for their good naseeb or something.

    Anothing glimmer of hope came with my brother-in-law, he’s a true gem, masha’Allah and I hope he remains that way.

  7. Writer’s Creek, Ameen @ “he’s a true gem, masha’Allah and I hope he remains that way.”
    Yes, he does do marriage counseling, but much less than before–I guess it even depresses him; it certainly aged him. But alhamdulillah for everything 🙂 Jazakallah Khair, sis!

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