On death

Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raaji’un (to Allah we belong and to Him we return).

After the death of a person his actions stop, except three things that he leaves behind : First continuous charity, Second a knowledge from which some benefit may be obtained, Third a virtuous son who makes Dua’ (Pray, supplicate) on his behalf.

Hadith of prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam, as narrated in Muslim

May we all raise a generation such that when we pass on, they will fullfill this great sunnah, rather than squable over the measly financial crumbs we will leave behind. And may we leave behind much more good than ill. Ameen.


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7 Responses to On death

  1. As’salaam Wa’alikum,

    sister, i will be copy and pasting what u posted above ( the hadith)
    i’m sorry that i’m “telling” adn not asking u for permission.
    The reason being that i may not be coming back on to see ur asnwer and if it were positive being able to post it up
    insh’aLlah may u forigve me if ur answer was a no

    take care sister and remember me in ur prayers insh’ALlah

  2. Muslim in Hijab, Wa Alaikum Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu! Darling ukhti, thanks for asking…but there was absolutely no need; that was not my original writing, I “stole” it from the Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam… 🙂 Alhamdulillah that the Hadith and Qur’an are copy-right free!

  3. sheryza says:

    mashallah excellent post. thank you for the reminder.

  4. Sheryza, JazakAllahu Khairun! and you are more than welcome 🙂

  5. Uzer says:

    Very timely post. You may have heard of the passing on of Sheikh Saifur Rahman Mubarakpuri, author of Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtoom (The Sealed Nectar), may Allah (AWJ) have mercy on his soul, and on us now that we are deprived of so much knowledge…

  6. Uzer, no, I had not until you mentioned it. Inna lillah wa inna ilayhi raji’oon. May Allah grant him jannah for the brilliant legacy he has left behind for us and our subsequent generations. Ameen. The post was actually about the loved one of a loved one. And it reminded me of another beloved of our own. So, its for all our deceased, and for everytime we feel the loss…

  7. batoota says:

    An excellent reminder- Ameen to the adeya!

    May Allah have mercy on all the deceased and the living.

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