Well, I admit its only a discovery because I am technologically-challenged (the irony in that statement is so rich, you have no idea!). I was attempting to make up for my latest hideous forray into procrastination, and thus spent the day at the library. Come to find out, when I log in to the computers there (besides the gorgeous comments from our even more gorgeous readers) that they do not have Microsoft Word installed. Why did they take it out? How cruel are they? I mean, there is no way that I can type in Notepad, not when it has to be lenghty, wordy pearls of wisdom going from my brain to the prof’s. I can’t think when I am typing such stuff into Notepad. Notepad is okay for typing up rough drafts of emails and letters and recipes and little notes to myself…but papers, no, that is just not an option. I am freaky this way. Don’t know if anybody else has such a peculiarity, but anyhow…

So, I sit there absolutely baffled and flummoxed, thinking I am just going to turn around and go back home, coz this is totally useless. Then, I realized how retarded I was sounding (even to myself!) and started working…in Notepad…and then (warning: lightbulb moment!) I remembered seeing something in the Gmail thingy about Spreadsheets, and I had played with it the first time I saw it. And, I am thinking…if they have Spreadsheet software in there, do you think, maybe, possibly, they would have a nice editor? With bold, and italics, and colors? I set off to investigate into my Gmail account. And guess what? They do have such funkyness! And you can save your stuff as a ….tada…Word document!

I was so happy. I only managed to type up like three pages…but that is what happens when you have colors, and italics, and boldface thingamajigs to play with. *sigh*

Give it a try. Gmail and Google just might save your life someday.


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2 Responses to Discovery!

  1. Faith says:

    Oh my I’m clueless. I never knew about this! Thanks for sharing the discovery 🙂

  2. You and me both! You are welcome…I am telling, they are evil geniuses over there at Google…they know exactly what we want–and give it to us! Amazing… 😯

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