DigiN Revealed!

This feeling I had for her lasted quite long. Ever since I can remember…you know those trips to the post office when I was a little kid and I’d whine about my little legs hurting, and she’d be all “its close, you’ll manage”. You know those times we’d go to the park together, and I’d be playing and she’d be geekily studying and watching over my protectively. You know those times anybody would try to bully me, and she’d give them one of them looks that could kill, but little did they know she’s too sweet to kill. You know those late nights we’d spend talking, until I realized that I was talking to myself and she had fallen asleep. You know what I’m on about right?

Then one day, I come on this preciously lovely blog, and lo and behold, all that meant nothing to her as it did to me! I find a post written under my name! Ordinarily that would not have freaked me out, but so many thoughts raced through my head. Are those annoying comments about my getting old true? Did I make a post and actually forget I typed all that up? Or do I have a stalker?! Did somebody hack into my account and make that post?! You see, that post was not written by me! That left this little Digital Jewel so confuzzeled. 😥

Then it struck like lightening (which did strike last night too here, btw)! My Digital Nomad who had always been on my side when conspiring pranks against everybody turned against me. What goes around, must come around I suppose. She created a post under my name, promising you all 200 posts all from me! Do you lovely readers have any idea what torture she is setting up you’ll for? And you all, shucks even myself, thought she cares about her readers so much. There really aren’t any loyalties left in this day and age. 😥

Thanks for the laugh btw DigiN. 😉 I’ll do my best to post more here, since it means so much to you darlin. Fortunately for everybody else, the next 199 posts won’t be entirely from me, so you can sigh in relief now. 😉 *hugs to all da sistas in da house*


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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13 Responses to DigiN Revealed!

  1. LOL @ “Are those annoying comments about my getting old true?” Awwwww, I am sorryyyy (well, not too sorry, but I have to be polite, right?). Don’t worry, I won’t really make you do all 200 by yourself…I will pitch in about 20 or 30…Hey, does that previous post (which I admit I wrote in your name) count as mine as yours? Now look who is confuzzeled?

  2. hahaa.. i love the prank! 😀 yah.. you should post more!! 👿 😛

  3. Muslim Wife says:

    I am SO confused 😐

  4. queenie says:

    Muslim Wife, so am I! This post did leave me quite “confuzzled”… 😉

  5. Now see DigiN, looky what you did. 😥 You confuzzeled your precious readers. No wait, I confuzzeled them. 😥

    Mona, I loved the prank too. I was sitting there trying to pout and act annoyed at her, but man that was a good one DigiN. 😉 Hehe, I’ll post more. 😉

    Hehe, well, the name change is true, as you can tell. But that entire post was written by DigiN, and she put it under my name. That was her only way to coax me to post more here. 😉

  6. That previous post really is the prank that keeps on playing…looool. Now I really am sorry…confuzzeling DigiJ is one thing–but confusing you poor readers makes me feel like a really really terrible person! Forgive me? *muah!*

  7. Oh, all those 😉 in comment # 5 makes me feel very very afraid…I will be sleeping with one eye open for quite a few months, I think…

  8. How can you possibly sleep with one eye open?! 😕 Sleep with your eyes closed, or don’t sleep at all. 😛

  9. Muslim Wife says:

    Hehe, admist all my confusion, it’s so sweet to see two sisters having so much fun together, masha’allah. May Allah always keep you two happy and close, ameen!

    So I’m wondering, do you guys have your own computers, or just jump back and forth from the PC commenting to each other, hehe. The 2nd scenario is funnier, lol

  10. Ameen, summa Ameen! DigiJewel really is my real-life doll…you have no idea…May Allah always keep her happy and content, ameen!

    We jump back and forth! Of course! How else do you expect us to get any exercise?! LOL I get in these horribly silly moods when stuff is due…don’t mind me. No, actually I am on the laptop and she is on the desktop. SubhanAllah. Ahhh, after school is over, though, I am really going to try to keep my laptop shut, except for a couple hours (to blog, of course!).

    Uh, the confusion is sorted out now, right? I hope so…I never meant to cause such mental anguish (ok, I am being melodramatic–that means deadlines are really bugging me. I will go now.)

  11. batoota says:


    Meshy– i should send you a list of pranks to play back on DigiN. Oh, wait..i forgot. I’m supposed to be studying. Bleh. 😦 😦

    But anyways….the sister love is soooOO cute. MashaAllah. awwwwwwww.

    *Interuppts the touching scene for a group hug! Ignores the fact that digiJewel and DigiNomad seem to be eyeing each other and trying to escape the insane huggeralker *hug + stalker* *


  12. LOL. Why on earth would I try to escape your hug?! Are you kidding me? I wait for them. 😛 *notices batoota tries backing away now* 🙂

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