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There are two ways to slide easily through life; to believe everything or to doubt everything. Both ways save us from thinking.

So said Alfred Korzybski.

But doesn’t doubting things lead to thinking about them?


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8 Responses to Quirky Quote

  1. HBK says:

    innit? thts wat i was thinking. oh sheesh… i’ll just believe it.
    saves me frm thinking more 🙂

  2. Remember the saying: Hard work never killed anybody! So, go ahead and think about it 🙂

    And there is a Japanese proverb: If you believe everything you read, don’t read! lol

  3. HBK says:

    Hard work never killed anybody? maybe true. but…. why take the risk? 😦

  4. dr@ma div@ says:

    yeah.. you are absolutely correct :O most of the time, if i have doubt about certain things, I tend to think more about it… then, more gray hair will apprear

  5. Alfred Korzybski, he wasn’t a Muslim right? So I think his words would have little or no wisdom at all.

  6. Muslim Wife says:

    Writers Creek…stole the words from my mouth : ) Masha’allah.

    DigiN: I tried your dumbo tag quiz thingie and it took too long to think about each question, lol, and really, I don’t have the time right now, lol. Sorry! I still love you though!

  7. Muslim Wife says:


    Where is the Jewel and her 200 posts? 😉

  8. Drama Div@, shhhhhh, don’t talk about grey hair (it scares me!) 😛

    Writer’s Creek, I have no idea who this man is, but it is clear that his words did not have much to do with reality!

    Hmmm, regarding the correlation between not being a Muslim and possessing wisdom: In the defense of non-Muslims in general, I have to say that much of our world (the very Internet we are using, for example) is functioning with the wisdom and (I dare say) genius of non-Muslims. Not to say that they possess more wisdom…but its just to say that if we look at any “Muslim” country around, we don’t see too much wisdom there, either. 😕 Allah gives all sorts of guidance to those who are deserving…may we be among those, ameen.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that following Islam will result in pure wisdom and genius, not just being Muslim. And those who are non-Muslim get their rewards in the form of Allah’s favor upon them, in this world. Some get the reward of wisdom…some (like this dude) don’t.

    Muslim Wife, Its okkkkkk 🙂 you’ve got a lot on your plate right now (((hugs))). And yeah, tell Jewel! 😀

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