Sheikh Yasir Qadhi at the GPU 2006

After a few weeks of hearing some praises along with negative comments about Sheikh Yaasir Qadhi’s speech at the Global, Peace, and Unity event, I finally got around to listening to it. I was a bit weary at the beginning, but after a few minutes, I couldn’t help but nod with everything he was saying. The point of his lecture is that as Muslims we should be optimistic and pro-active, doing everything that we can do, rather than expecting others to come in and fix the problems of the Ummah. Its only 12 minutes, so watch it, and inshaAllah you will benefit from it.

PS: Yes, I do love youtube videos. I can’t help it! 😳


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2 Responses to Sheikh Yasir Qadhi at the GPU 2006

  1. Cool. I like the part about not waiting for Imam Mahdi, and doing nothing in the mean-time. Building the inner self is vital to being ready to welcome the Mehdi. I mean imagine this situation: here we are, horribly sinful Muslims, ranting and raving about our horrendous leaders. And we wake up one morning, head off to Pakistan or Saudi Arabia, and tell the heads of state “Enough! Be gone with you!”

    What would be the logical thing to happen? Get our butts thrown in prison…and if our inner self is weak and arrogant, how would we be able to take that? Imam Abu Hanifa (Rahmatullah Alayh) was imprisoned too, at the hands of the Khalif at the time–for something as simple as turning down the position of Cheif Justice. Would we be able to handle that anywhere near as well as he had? Building our inner selves is vital, one brick at a time. Too bad the Sheikh did not have the time to go into the mechanics of how to do this. MashaAllah!

    I love the youtube too 😉

  2. sheryza says:

    i love youtube too…is that so wrong?…lol. yes a very intersting and informative video. i was doing the same thing by shaking my head up and down..hehe. but overall i thought that he made some excellent points mashallah.

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