Twas the night before Eid

Well, not our Eid, but Eid for some. It was Friday, and we sent our brother on a errand. Being the good brother that is, he obliged, and went on his way. It was something which he would ordinarily be done with and back within 45 minutes or so, given the traffic on the way. The clock ticks and hours are passing by, and finally he returns almost crying to dramatize his story, which made us even more worried at first.

What happened you ask? Well, he has this magnetic attraction, where people strike up conversation with him. So, this man is talking to him and they’re having a lovely conversation when the man’s wife calls and tells him that she’s stuck on the freeway. The man is clearly distressed, so my brother offers help, thinking oh that freeway is right here, not a problem! So together they go in the man’s car, and then my brother realizes what my father had told him long ago: that freeway goes all the way to Canada! The man’s wife was stuck some 45 minutes away, and my brother didn’t realize that when he offered.

I think at times its more instinctive for guys to give a ride and help out a stranger, than it is for girls. If you saw a girl stuck or needed a ride, would you be willing to give it?


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2 Responses to Twas the night before Eid

  1. hmmm, rather depends on who the girl is, I would suppose, if I know her or not. If I was alone, then I probably would not offer help, because you don’t know who is who. What if she lures me to my death? What if I end up in an ambush? Seriously! Maybe I am paranoid…but whatever. But if I was with one of the bros, then I would stop and offer help…inshaAllah.

  2. dr@ma div@ says:

    i’ll love to help but i wont… in today’s world, u can’t blindly or simply trust strangers. u may have good intention to help but they might have hidden agenda… yeah i know, it’s wrong to judge/ make assumption whatsoever… but…. i dont have the ball…. too bad.

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