Earth-Shattering Eid

On a personal familial level, Eid al Adha was wonderful. We got to spend an entire day doing something a little bit different: we went to the zoo–rather than seeing animals being qurbanied, we instead saw them lazing about, living it up. We made lots of cookies, biryani, etc to take with us, and will have quite a bit leftover for guests tomorrow, inshallah.

However…the prelude to Eid was the worst that I think I have ever experienced. The reason being, of course, the execution of Saddam Hussein. I was, like quite a few of you I am sure, absolutely shocked and appalled that they would choose such holy days in the Islamic calendar to do this. What will the long-term impact of this bizarre decision be? Did anybody foresee that this would make Saddam Hussein go down in Islamic history as a martyr? Because that is what is already happening: reading around on the forums, you can easily find anecdotal evidence of this.

All in all, this event caused our Islamic holy days to be severely tainted. But if there is one thing to be learned, its that having “La illaaha illallah, Muhammad al Rasulallah” in our hearts and on our tongues can really be incredibly fortifying and peace-inducing.


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