Priceless Moments From 2006

  • My brother was browsing through things at a home store, and found really cool cushions for a good price. Imagine my mother’s face when she came home to see neon green and purple cushions in her sitting room. Undoubtedly, it landed up in my room under the pretext “Digital Jewel loves purple, these cushions were made for her!”
  • I’m about to sleep, and discover candy wrappers under my pillow. Who could it be to put candy wrappers under a pillow?! None other than my oldest brother of course.
  • We were painting the house, and my second brother comes to help, and is doing a lovely job mashaAllah. Being a typical guy, my oldest brother has to give a suggestion to help him do a better job. Needless to say they end up having to paint the wall over twice. LOL. When it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  • The time six of us decided to get into a five seater car. Yes, there were four people in the back. What were we thinking?! Alhamdulillah the police didn’t drive past us that night.
  • To prove his strength, to make me scream, and to make DigiN laugh, my brother actually picked me up and held me in the air for like three seconds before realizing he wasn’t strong enough to handle getting yelled at from my parents for tormenting me.
  • It was early on Eid morning, and staying up that early proves so difficult. So DigiN and our brother are in conversation, and DigiN misunderstands him, so he gets frustrated and says “Think! Jackpot! You have a brain!” Later on DigiN is talking to him about something else, and he’s like “Huh? What?” and she replies “Jackpot! You have ears!” to which he sleepily replies “I did.” I did?! You still have ears alhamdulillah big bro, just need to start using them more. All guys have that problem though, ey?
  • My brother is in DigiN’s room sniffing perfumes, and exclaims in joy “You got an attar that smells like rose. *looks at the name* Wait…this is rose!” Later he went on to say “Perfume is candy to the nose and candy is perfume to the mouth.”

Be grateful for the family you have, because no matter what, they’re perfect for you. Yes, you go through painful times, but remember the funnier times more than the painful ones. There is a reason why Allah put us in the families He put us, and He is the best of Planners. Alhamdulillah!


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