Revenge of the Nerds

Certain nerds are just dangerous to tick off. They could just end up making your commute really miserable. And given how annoying traffic is in crazy Cali, imagine how annoyed somebody must be to actually deliberately make it worse! The LA Times had this story in today’s paper… A traffic engineer and a computer whiz apparently, allegedly, and astonishingly, got their heads together and found the perfect solution to the problem faced by their fellow union workers: prolong the red lights at critical intersections. 😯

Here are little bits and pieces from this article:

They didn’t shut the lights off, city transportation sources said. Rather, the engineers allegedly programmed them so that red lights would be extremely long on the most congested approaches to the intersections, causing gridlock for several days starting Aug. 21, they said.

Cars backed up at Los Angeles International Airport, at a key intersection in Studio City, onto the clogged Glendale Freeway and throughout the streets of Little Tokyo and the L.A. Civic Center.

LAX…Little Tokyo…several days…gridlocked. O.M.G.

After access to the system was cut off for all but top managers, Murillo signed in as one of them, according to the criminal complaint. Murillo had helped design the nationally recognized system.

By signing in, the engineers allegedly obtained the codes needed to unblock the computers that control traffic lights throughout the city. Soon, the lights at those four intersections were reprogrammed with a code that prevented city officials from fixing them.

…and then…

[Murillo’s lawyer] said Murillo didn’t mean to do anything wrong.

Mmmm, backing up traffic at LAX is not wrong? I know that everything’s relative, and all that good stuff…but come on! Being an alleged nerd, I understand how and why they would be tempted to use their power to emphasize how important their jobs were to the smooth functioning of the city…however, every job has certain powers that can be used or abused. Use, don’t abuse!

Bottom line: don’t tick off the nerd in your life 😛 They might end up committing a felony because of you! 🙄


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  1. Bateeka says:

    OH my goodness!! that’s hilarious. *but definitely wrong*. but still hilarious…

    and nice tip!

  2. 😆 Happy to help! 😉 And as outrageous as it is, I got quite a chuckle out of it too 😯

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