Just got thru watching 60 Minutes, and I don’t know what was more outrageously unbelievable: the interview with the President, or the piece they had about the 3 Duke University students accused of rape…without any DNA evidence.

First of all, the President, for those of you who may not know is certainly capable of a change of heart. Remember in the day immediately following Saddam Hussein’s execution the President had said “Bringing Saddam Hussein to justice will not end the violence in Iraq, but it is an important milestone on Iraq’s course to becoming a democracy that can govern, sustain, and defend itself.” Sure, ok, whatever…what do us mere peons know? Well, tonight, he said that the execution of Saddam made him feel discouraged: “I thought it was discouraging. You know, obviously could have handled this thing a lot better.” You think? Starting with the timing of that execution…and ending with the way it was done, yeah, I think its safe to say that things could have been handled a lot better. I mean, maybe there is no such a thing as a civilized execution, but does that mean we don’t even try? OK, so it was not the US executing him, but rather the people of Iraq…but we were the ones who handed him over when the Iraqis apparently asked. Are we not strong enough to say, “Hold up there, cowboys! Do ya know what y’all are doin?”

And the President does not care whether his low approval ratings are because of his (mis?)perceived stubbornness, yet he perceives himself as an open-minded, flexible individual. There was a lot more to that interview, but you can check it out here to enlighten yourselves further…

About the case of the Duke students: I find myself speechless that a woman with major psychological problems has levied charges against them, without any DNA evidence…and while her story has changed multiple times, the case continues. OK, so maybe the district attorney liked the idea of a high-profile, racially charged case to boost his public image as the white guy who non-prejudicially goes after other white guys…but in the end, does this not just hurt black-white relations? Are these guys going to look at black people in a friendly, unscared way? What will they tell their kids about this ordeal? I know that things shouldn’t matter because of race…but reality is that they often-times do. And this will not go down in multi-racial history as the most positive event. All because the DA was perhaps grossly incompetent. Incredible. And incredibly sad. The words that left the most lasting impact on me was from one of the mothers: “every mother of a son in this country should be scared to death that this was so easy to perpetrate. All that it’s based on is a woman’s word and she’s changed that story seven, eight, nine times. And we still sit here. Our families have been held hostage of this D.A., of this woman, of the police department,” says Kathy Seligmann.


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