More, more, more!

Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alayhi wa Sallam said,

Do not try too much to acquire property or else you will be absorbed by being too enamored with the world.

[Sunan at-Tirmizi]

When I saw this hadith today, it reminded me of something our society is rife with: consumerism, the need for more and more and more. I have a car? I want a better car. I have a better car? I want a newer car. I have a newer car? I want another car. I live in a house perhaps more comfortable than any of my ancestors, especially in terms of warmth, electricity, carpeting? Well, then I need a house with granite counter-tops. Its this ever-downward spiral into convincing ourselves that by having more of everything, we are working towards improving ourselves, and working towards a tighter stranglehold on happiness. But are we really? If we are discontent with what we have, no matter what level we reach, how much have we improved ourselves? Do we really need to improve our material condition as much as we need to improve our spiritual condition? Moderation in product-acquisition might actually yield greater happiness…not to mention less debt!

In being in love with this world, do we not often forget our responsibilities to our Creator? Not to mention forgetting our duties to our fellow humankind? Being so wrapped up in pursuing the latest Apple iCreation leaves very little thought and time for making duaa for all our fellow Muslims in distress, does it not? SubhanAllah, the wisdom of our Nabi encapsulated all the problems of modern-day consumerism…1400 years ago. Pretty good for a religion constantly maligned to be archaic, eh?


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5 Responses to More, more, more!

  1. Faith says:

    So true. Good Reminder =)

    It’s like all about the iPods, PSP, PS2 and the rest of the Alphabets. In the morning on my way to school just hearing the birds chirping makes my day and I wonder how people can have their ears plugged with music ALL DAY?? to the point where they’re missing out on the little blessings.

  2. Muslim Wife says:

    Salaam My Sweet Sisters!

    Oh I missed you guys! Jazakhallah khair for the reminder sis. The temporal “wonders” of this dunya continue to harden our hearts and numb ourselves to the many many blessings from our Creator.

    Any more wildlife wandering in? : )

  3. Faith, I know, tell me about it! What an alphabet soup! And is it really necessary to be crossing an intersection while plugged into your iPod? Tuning out your world can be dangerous–what if you don’t hear the fire-engine screaming down the street? Pure escapism, I guess.

    Muslim Wife! Wa Alaikum Salaam! We missed you too, but knew you were keeping busy with your house-guests 😀 True what you said…may Allah help us become less numbed and more in touch with Him. Ameen!

    No more wildlife…alhamdulillah! Gave mommy quite the fright, I must say. 😆 She was just aghast…and said we were totally nuts for taking pictures. But she is (somewhat) used to our nuttiness 😛

  4. sheryza says:

    great reminder girls! the other day i was thinking about the hadeeth that said you’d be answerable for the way you spent your wealth. my hubby asks me all the time about getting stuff for the house. i know we can but sometimes i feel like i can do without it…mainly cause i’m the one that has to keep it but seriously though i always think about this hadeeth everytime i want to buy something or i stop and ask myself if i really need it or not. i look at others and i see that they have fallen into this trap and then i think to myself is this what will happen to me? i dont know i just get so afraid at times…but just to clear it up i’m not like this all the time…but just once in a while. know what i mean?

  5. Sheryza, I know exactly what you mean. Many times, when we go shopping, especially when things are ridiculously inexpensive, I have to stop and ask myself “Do I just want this, or do I need it right now?” If its just want, then I try to tell myself that “you know, by the time you get around to really needing it, a better version will be available.” That usually helps me hold back…but some things, I just have a weakness for, and can’t resist. 😳

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