Super Seven

I was tagged…so I figured I’d post it here. 😉

Seven Favorite Foods:
1. Chocolate Ice Cream
2. Sweet Potato
3. Apple Pie
4. Macaroni and Cheese
5. Chocolate cake with tri-berry sauce
6. Strawberry
7. Watermelon

Seven Things I want to do in life:
1. Focus on my hifdh again and complete it with sincerity.
2. Go to Umm al Qura Uni.
3. Earn good grades in school. *cry*
4. Learn to stand up for myself without being mean.
5. Be content with whatever I get in life
6. Be of use to the ummah.
7. Die as a Muslim, in sujood, in the Masjid al Haram

Seven Things I Can Do:
1. Bug my siblings
2. Make an idiot out of myself 😛
3. Sleep through an earthquake
4. Talk to myself and act like I’m completely normal (well I am…but thats annother story)
5. Procastinate
6. Be sarcastic
7. Get ready to leave the house in under 10 minutes.

Seven Things I can’t Do:
1. Draw anything
2. Geometry
3. French braid
4. Say no without feeling guilty
5. Say I’m sorry without meaning it (and it bugs me when I can tell a person says they’re sorry when they’re not!)
6. Talk to somebody when I’m really irritated with them.
7. Swim

Seven Things I say the Most:
1. Like totally
2. Duude…!
3. Awwww
4. InshaAllah
5. Alhamdulillah
6. MashaAllah
7. Googa!

Seven Favorite Surahs:
1. Surah Yusuf
2. Surah Ibrahim
3. Surah Kahf
4. Surah Ahqaf
5. Surah Saff
6. Surah Qiyamah
7. Surah Naba

Seven Hopes:
1. Unity of the Ummah
2. The oppressed being granted justice
3. To be on the right path till my death
4. To always have patience
5. To always be thankful
6. To always have the Quran in my heart
7. To always remember those less fortunate
(8. To witness mimi stop her sniffing 😥 )

7 Places I’d like to Travel to:
1. Saudi Arabia
2. India
3. Afghanistan
4. South Africa
5. Al Quds
6. Oman
7. Wisconsin 😉

I Tag:
Anyone who drops by. 😛


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