Oh, the simpler times!

Sheryza‘s awesome post about recollecting childhood events made me think a little. After reminiscing the good old days of my youth (oh wait, I AM still young!), I wondered what separates childhood from adulthood, apart from the obvious biological characteristics and the psychological hangups we acquire? Why was our childhoods so much more fun than our adulthood? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love being an adult…but the long-gone days of setting up a lemonade stand on a cul-de-sac that nobody drives through had its own mystical charm, ya know?

You know what it was for me? The care-free assumption that nothing undertaken is a waste of time. So the only person to give me a dime for my lemonade is my dad–taught me something: I would suck at business. And the heart-ache of the realization lasted for maybe, at the maximum, 10 minutes…till I thought of something else to do! Which is coincidentally what people will advise you, as an adult, when you are getting over some sort of setback, depression, or whatever: Do something different to distract yourself, you’ll get over the pain faster. Funny how one of the lessons we already innately know as children, we forget as adults…and then have to keep re-learning!

The other thing that separated childhood from adulthood was the concept of doing things now! Not a second later! The thought hits, and you gotta have at it! Who knows if you’ll live to see another day?! As adults, we sometimes get into that mode of Tomorrow Never Dies…we dress it up and call it procrastination…but really “Many fine things can be done in a day if you don’t always make that day tomorrow.”

Ah, kids. We never questioned things too deeply, instead of asking “Will it work?” we asked “Can I make it work?” And the answer was always “Yes!” After every defeat, we’d just pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, start over, and the answer was still a resounding Hell Yeah!

We can still live like children: in the moment. Have something exciting to show for at the end of the day. One day, when we’re grey-haired and wrinkled, we will look at these days as our childhood, inshaAllah–so give our future selves something to laugh madly about…or at least smile about with immense satisfaction. Wouldn’t want to bust a rib, you know*! 😛

What separated your childhood from adulthood? Or are you one of the lucky few for whom nothing really changed? Tell me, I am dying to know!

*Tongue inserted firmly in cheek! Not intended as an offense to the elderly…especially seeing as how I would like to get there eventually!


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5 Responses to Oh, the simpler times!

  1. umm luqmaan says:

    on thing that i really wish i could get back from my childhood is playing baseball with my brothers and sisters in our back yard…but this time our team has grown cause i have three boys that would kick their butts! they are competitive like their mom….lol. no i’m not like that only with my sibs i am…hehe. but really i tell my kids i did certain things and they look at me like whoa are mom is so cool. i feel special. and i given the biggest cheesy smile ever. i may be almost thirty…notice i say almost cause i’m not there yet…got a few more months to hit that spot… but i’m still got some spunk in me. i was going to teach them cartoon freeze tag ever play? yeh my 5 year old sai i promised to teach them but i had this great big migraine and he just gave me this puppy dog face. hes cute but i told him look i cant leave the bed he told me thats ok i wont hit you that hard if i tag you. i guess he didnt get it….lol.
    there’s so much that has seperated me from my childhood and would have to write a book on it. but what i have now with my children is something special. now i’m trying to teach them some of the daring and fun stuff we used to do. but i hope they don’t get in trouble by their mom…lol.
    and your right we have to live for the moment. don’t procrastinate…do things now and don’t look back. all in all have fun!

  2. ummhaarith says:

    salams first of all when i read your post it reminds me so much of my sis, who u might know as ummluqmaan. i couldnt stop laughing because we have been reminicing alot over the last couple days. growing up we got on each others nerves alot and i mean alot! my sis was girlie girlie and i was the opposite so i was with my bros alot. but now she overseas and we miss those days of me buggin her and her trying to escape the bratty younger sister that use to seal her clothes lol. i think the difference between now and then is everything was so innocent and everything was about us and only us, where as now we have school, work, cleaning ,cooking ,the kids ,and to top it off a hubby. i am still a kid at heart, and roll with the kiddos playin soccer and skating only now i get weird looks doin it.lol

  3. noora says:

    oh yes the simpler time! *sigh* for some reason i would always remember the time we use to go to my uncle’s house, all nicely dressed, then realize it was that time of the year where their berry tree has blossomed and we would actually climb up the garage pole, jump over its roof, and start fetching those berries hehe. Maybe 10 of us would turn our traditional arabic dresses “jalabiyas” into berry sacs and start collecting…hehe we would sit up there till evening eating them..our clothes..our hands…our faces all stained in red/purple…you should see the face of the mothers when we jumped back down like chipmunks…”U KNOW HOW MUCH THAT DRESS COSTs?” ..did we care? definitely NOT hehe..nothing mattered..not the cost of our dresses..not the Horrendous look on our faces..nothing except for the taste of the berry juice in our mouths..nothing mattered but that moment of joy..not tomorrow not yesterday…but that very single moment of pleasure that was immeasurable..
    now we worry a lot about yesterday and tomorrow and forget to enjoy the day..

  4. batoota says:

    Those times– they are different from now because now, I am always anticipating “the worst” and “full of fear”…I mean, when my little brother is drinking his cup of water and puts in on the edge, i instantly imagine it break into a million pieces and find myself saying “no, no, don’t put it there..” Somehow, during the time that I blinked, I turned into my mother 🙂 Back then, i used to climb the balcony to get from one room to another, instead of going out the front door :S Now..I would never do that..that’s crazy…

    Ma’shaAllah, i liked reading everybody’s answers and your post, DigiN

  5. Umm Luqmaan, Awwwwww, I might be wrong…but thru your kids, you are going to be reliving a lotttt of your childhood! InshaAllah! And I still get in trouble with mommy, so maybe is why I ummm still feel like a child sometimes. 😛

    Umm Haarith, You hit on that other major factor that separates us from our childhoods: responsibility! We do the things we NEED to do, as opposed to just the things we WANT to do. Kinda takes the fun out of things a wee bit, huh? And hey, when you are getting weird looks, you know you’re doing something right! So rock on, sista! 🙂

    Noora, mmmmm, berry picking…staining nice clothes…I can’t even remember the last time I did that! Just thinking about it gives me a huge smile lol. Yeah, it was when I started to worry about “what will happen tomorrow” that adulthood officially began!

    Batoota, when I read that bit about you climbing from balcony to balcony, I turned into your mother too! 😀 Yes, anticipating the worst and full of fear sums up adulthood pretty well! Brings to mind the classic example of the child who reaches for the hot iron, and in fear for his safety, what does Mommy do? Slaps his hand. But the kid, throughout the whole 5 seconds, has absolutely no fear. And after getting his arm slapped, thats his worst fear: Mommy’s love-slaps! Its like, the hot iron is far worse, kiddo! So yeah, we have to have fear for our good…but also have to somehow know when our fear is over-taking us. I don’t think I have figured out where the line is yet lol.

    Awesome input, ladies, mashaAllah! Thank you! 🙂

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