What a Day

I woke up really early…at 4:45am for suhoor. Not only that, I woke up with my throat feeling funny but I figured, or rather hoped, that it would feel better after eating. Then I stayed up after Fajr. I was just chilling out. It was amazingly quiet at home, you could hear the birds chirping, and the sun was rising. It was gorgeous…like as if you’ll didn’t already know that, but remember I’m feelin wacky!

A few hours later, I was on my way to college. We arrive there finding the parking lot emptyish. Really weird…whats weirder is I actually got down, and went to the classroom, and the guy there was really freaked out to see a niqaabi. 🙂 Then…he explained to me that…classes start next week. Er yeah, don’t ask how I mixed that up! 😕 I was really 😳 but alhamdulillah for the niqaab that he couldn’t see that.

When I got back, I started really feeling sick…and oddly fasting when sick ain’t so bad. 😕 I can’t eat much anyway given that I feel so weird. Nothing looks appealing…especially milk…and I want it dang it! 😥 Reminds me to say alhamdulillah for the I could drink milk easily.

Yeah…now that I got an extra week off, maybe I’ll actually get some paint and paint my room inshaAllah! Then again, unitentionally inhaling paint fumes while I’m sick may not be the wisest move to make.

I leave with a boring picture I took around shuruq time. 🙂


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  1. Batoota says:

    Hey!! Nature pictures are not boring– they’re reflection of Allah’s Awesome Power! I love it 🙂 This is only like the 3rd time i’ve said this in your blog..but i really love the pic 🙂 I love clouds, btw..just looking at them can sometimes make me tear..

    i want to ride one! inshaAllah in jannah 🙂

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