10 Things You Didn't Know About Moi

…and that that you didn’t really wanna know either. 😛

So mimi tagged me agaiiinnn. (Just wait until I get back at you!)

1. I can’t express myself well verbally. I end up seeming really anti social, but its just that I go blank, and can’t think of how to reply appropriately quick enough. Anybody who’s spoken to me on MSN wouldn’t think I’d be that way. LOL.

2. My second brother and I used to always joke around and say we’re twins…just seperated by six years. 😛 I’m really close to him…(Not that I’m not close to DigiN..! 😛 )

3. I was more outgoing as a kid. 😛 Like seriously…I would smile and wave at anybody who smiled at me, and I used to bug the librarians to no end asking them silly questions. Man, I feel sorry for them.

4. My brother and I used to go to the library a looot together, and spend most of the day there. When I’d get bored, I’d go collect all the books people left lying around on the tables, and stack them up so it’d be easier to the librarians to come and put ’em away. My brother used to get sooo embarrassed about that. LOL.

5. I can’t stand judgemental people. Its so annoying when people judge others when they have no clue about what the person is going through. You never know until you’re in the situation yourself.

6. I can never pretend to be serious when somebody makes a joke. I try for a few seconds, and then end up laughing.

7. I love taking pictures of the clouds.

8. I used to sleep walk as a kid, which was not pleasant…I mean the fact that I’d get teased the day after for it wasn’t pleasant. I don’t remember anything about sleepwalking, so I can’t say whether that was pleasant or not.

9. I tend to collect keychains and postcards. I don’t know how I started, and why, but they’re irresistable for me.

10. I don’t get the obsession with loads of jewellery, endless talking, and pink. That said, yes, I still am a girly girl.

I tag: Juju and Salafiya


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6 Responses to 10 Things You Didn't Know About Moi

  1. *charisma* says:

    Assalamu Alaikum

    :p u kno i wuv u mamsoo!!

    and i can soo relate to some of those things..especially #’s 1,4,5 & 6

    fi aman allah

  2. They used to call you Queen of England when you were an infant, coz you waved so much…not that you remember doing that 😛

    oh, oh, oh, and the library published a pic in the city news magazine, of you reading stories to random kids 😆 Gosh, you were a cute kid! MashaAllah! (well you still are :X)

  3. sapphire says:


    ur ten thingy was hilarious looool!! gave me a great laught!! Mashallah wat a cuteee kid hahaha :p

    lol @ slpwalking!!

  4. Wa alaikum asalaam,

    Awww, of course I know you wuv me, mimi! How couldn’t you? 😛 Hehe, I could relate to many of yours too. 😉

    LOL! Oh gosh, I forgot about that pic DigiN. 😳 Thanks for reminding me. 😛

    Anything to make my juju laugh. 😉 Yeah, I know…I was a cute kid…don’t ask what happened since. 😛

  5. Batoota says:

    well!! i responded to this already..but THIS– this little comment caught my eyes:

    oh, oh, and the library published a pic in the city news magazine, of you reading stories to random kids

    awwwwwwww, do share the pic!! you must have a copy!! say you have a copy!!! awwwwwww, cuteeeeeeeee, Ma’shaAllah!

  6. I don’t thinkkk I have the picture. I hope I don’t! LOL. I’ll check around the house and see. If I do, you know who’ll get to see it first. 😉

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