10 Things…

…that you don’t know about me. DigiJewel has tagged me to spill it all to you. One tiny problem: these were things I had dig into the deep and dark crevices of my brain to find…and here they are.

gone like the wind 😛

I am tagging lately-silent Queenie, faithful Imanu, rockin Mona, far-away Sheryza, butterfly Em, lovely Noora, and the always-hot Muslim Wife. Unless you no longer even know what the tag was about…as promised my 10 mysterious things are no longer here…it creeps me out being that personal on the web…I have no idea why, but thats the way it is.


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8 Responses to 10 Things…

  1. awww shucks…*blushing*

  2. Faith says:

    Subhanallah @ number 7!

    I’ve already been tagged by the way 😛

  3. Sheryza, looking forward to reading it!

    Faith, I knew Mimz tagged you, but coz I had not read it yet, I totally forgot about it!

  4. Bateeka says:




    I was LATE!! I can’t believe i missed it 😦

    I wasssssssssss soooooooo excited to read your answers…….


    Tis cruelty! 😉

    if you happen to have it saved (i do that sometimes, heheh) would you mind letting me have a glance?

    take care, deario!

  5. Batootati! The beauty of doing it on the weekend is that fewer people read it 😛 Of course, I have saved it–you know how long it took me to remember that stuff? Twould be cruelty! 😛 😆

  6. Muslim Wife says:

    Haha, masha’allah, good job.

    I read it yesterday, and though I’m very flattered you think of me as ‘hot’, hehe, I was gonna decline the tag for probably the same reasons you deleted yours.

    I try to be as private as I can be , though I’m not so successful, for many reasons. May Allah protect us all : )

    Luv ya!

  7. Muslim Wife, well, it seems like you’re always cooking mashaAllah…hence you are obviously hot! I had a feeling you were gonna say “Not this tag!” lol May Allah protect us, in reality and virtuality, ameen!

    *many hugs*

  8. queenie says:

    What, nooo, I missed them!
    I know I’ve been absent, lately, crazy world, but thanks for the tag!

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