Can't Think…

I’m tired…I should go to sleep, especially given that I got class tomorrow.  Right, off to bed I am in a few minutes, or however long it takes to type this boring post. 😛

So we went to a walimah, which was actually really fun.  Well, they usually…okay, always are. 😛  The bride was sooo pretty mashaAllah, and she didn’t go traditional desi and wear red or green or something like that.  She wore pale purple and gold.  It was so princessy and gorgeous mashaAllah.  It really matched her personality, all soft and shy.  Hehe…

An alimah gave a talk at the beginning.  It was sad…everybody goes pretend silent and pretend respect when Quran is played, and then when somebody goes and gives a short lil talk from the Quran and Sunnah, they all chit chatter above it.  The thing I managed to hear properly was…before your husband comes home, do some act of ibadah.  Something, anything, and inshaAllah the noor from it will give strength the marriage.  Really sweet advice. 🙂

Er, yeah, I’m off to bed soon.  Got school tomorrow.  Yeah, tomorrow there actually will be class. LOL. 😛


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2 Responses to Can't Think…

  1. sapphire says:

    thts cooool advice *stores in memory*

    so did u have class the? 😛 lol

  2. Ooh, I forgot to reply to your comment. Yeah I had class, well you know I did. Ahh I guess its time for a new post. 😛

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