Instant Muffler

You know something: women with toddlers that are kicking up a mega-decibel racket, while they are just trying to stock up the pantry, owe us niqaabis a huge debt. I mean, one of those wailing-kicking-and-screaming soldiers comes marching out of an isle, sees someone’s eyes are the only thing he has access to, and what does he do? Zips it. Completely. Instantly. Not one more peep or squeak out of him! Sometimes a smile will sneak out of them. Sometimes a little wave loool. But one thing is certain: the kid has forgotten all about the sugary cereal bomb that Mommy oh-so-kindly refused to put into the shopping cart.

Do the mothers thank us? No. They gaze with equal amounts of horror and pity. Thank me, woman! Thank me! (Not really, I don’t really need it, but you know…)


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  1. Muslim Wife says:

    Hahah, soooo true! Man, the never-ending wisdoms behind Allah’s commandments never cease to amaze me : ) Subhan’Allah.

    But here’s the part that kinda sucks – when our children are wailing and crying, seeing their momma in niqaab won’t do the darnedest thing, we’ll be like yesterday’s news to them (insha’allah!). We know how to discipline the non muslim kids, but are gonna have to think of something clever for our own….


  2. oh tell me about it. once i got this statement in the store. this little girl came up to me and my sis and was like “wow mom she’s a power ranger! can i have one of those too?” LOL! i was cracking up cause the little girl was in awww and her mom was in shock…hehe.

    then another time this little boy was screaming his head off like you said in the store then he sees me and then shuts his lil trap right…only to then turn around and say hey mom thats a bandit! i was dying laughing. and she looked at me like i was crazy. i was laughing at how innocent these children are. mashallah.

  3. Muslim Wife, It might be the fitra more present in children that enables them to not really be scared–apprehensive, respectful, and finally “oh cool!” As for our own kids…hmmmmm, thats quite a point. That little pinch on the derrière always worked wonders on me (did I just admit to public tantrums? 😳 ), and also the reminder that “you are embarrassing yourself, not me!” lool

    Umm Luqmaan, power ranger bandit woman, I love it! I’ve also overheard 5ish year old girls go, “isn’t her dress, pretty?! She looks like a princess” completely overlooking the niqab, but totally digging a rather simple abaya! SubhanAllah.

    Oh, I just thought of some Internet names: Ameerah Bandit, Princess Bandit, Princess Power Ranger. Thats all my bloggin niqabi sistas: Princess Power Rangers. LOL (I know I need help).

  4. sapphire says:

    haha zan baji u always make me laugh!!! and tell me about it…but ohh some of them ”nice” ladies do thank me for shutting up their kids…..they actually ”give” me something for it…..yea a ”THUMP”…….they come and knock themselves into me and pretend they dont see me….ahhh soo many storied regarding tht…may Allah guide us all!! Ameeen!!

    and the kids are soo sweet mashallah they love the abayah but then the mother has to go and say something totally wrong and corrupt the poor little things brain ……and there in front of our eyes goes another innocent childs view about us.

    take care xx

  5. Haju baji :D, I cannot believe they have the audacity to smack right into you! Kids are amazingly accepting…and ultimately, its their environment that shape them, as ours shaped us. Alhamdulillah that Allah guided our forefathers to Islam, so we did not have to make the struggles and sacrifices for the deen. And May Allah guide us always, Ameen.

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