They hate me

Hotmail and Yahoo, that is. Everybody else’s hatin is fine, but when Hotmail and Yahoo take their hate to the point of putting emails from me into the Junk Mail Folder, I become unbearably sad. So anybody expecting mail from me (like tagees with busy lives), please check your Junk Mail Folders, and know that I would never ignore you.

Well, I might. But thats only if you are rude…and none of those types hang out here, so woohoo! 😀


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7 Responses to They hate me

  1. Then again, they could have marked you as spam, thats why you landed up there. 😉

    Kiddingggg. 😛

  2. That never occurred to me.

    Kiddingggg. *ermm*

  3. And thats what makes it easier to bear everybody else’s hatin! Coz I love you too!!!!! *hugs*

  4. Ghasheema says:

    i think hotmail and yahoo can be a real Hitler sometimes

    I try to sign in through the website and it tells me that my password is wrong…and i freak out and vent

    but when i go to their messanger i can sign in with no problems

    I back you up sister…we should sue 😀

  5. sapphire says:

    ahan!!! tht explains why i didnt get a mail bak from you…*goes to check spam* 😀

  6. Ghasheema, I swear, we should sue. I mean, if I don’t check my hotmail account for like a month (coz I like message board subscriptions to go into a totally separate email acct, but don’t always check it), then it just shuts down. How annoying!

    Sapphire, Welcome to the bloggy, juju baji 😀

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