Yes, I come from the land of easily perplexed. I am highly confused (and curious) to know what somebody at the Pentagon is doing on this silly blog. Must have been on a coffee break or something. Why do I find myself slightly spooked? It must be the effects of the sleepless night I had yesterday.


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3 Responses to Interesting

  1. Faith says:

    eek! Atleast there are no return visits so far.
    Probably someone dunkin on donuts.

  2. queenie says:

    Aww, don’t worry! it’s probably just certain keywords that may have got them here :S
    I wish I could have stats like that on my blog!

  3. Faith, Yeah…hope they enjoyed their donuts and coffee.

    queenie, I am totally at a loss for what those keywords could have been 😕 Does not allow you to put in your own statistics tracker? 😦 Ah, well, what you don’t know about your guests won’t hurt you lol.

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