The tasbeeh was just laying there like that. I had to take a picture.


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12 Responses to (Heart)

  1. Batoota says:

    Ma’shaAllah 🙂 Beautiful!

  2. Umm Layth says:

    That is beautiful, masha’Allaah

  3. Batoota, Umm Layth, queenie, and The Mo,
    Thank you, people! 😀 Such kind and lovely visitors I have, MashaAllah!
    And allow me to offer a warm welcome to Umm Layth and The Mo 🙂

  4. Mutadil says:

    Your mind always works towards the yellowish point, isn’t it? Nice pic.

  5. mashallah that looks so gorgeous! you are a very talented photographer…you should really look into doing something if you haven’t already. great job!

  6. Mutadil, not always, only lately; and thank you.

    Umm Luqmaan (or Sheryza), you are too kind! Believe me, my photographic endeavors are merely my camera playing tricks on you 😛 Thank you, sweet sister!

    Rebellious Arab Girl, Thank you! I love it too 🙂

  7. Faith says:

    Awww that looks nice 😀

  8. Faith, Thank you, sweetheart! *wub* 😀

  9. Umm Layth says:

    Digital Nomad

    Jazaaki Allaahu khairan for the warm welcome : )

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