I wonder where my brain is these days. Oh, maybe vacation time I guess. Which isn’t cool, cuz its already the third week of school. Dude brainy, you can’t just take vacation like this on me in the middle of the day during the semester!

So I’m trying to play something with our new CD player, and I’m standing there fumbling. I was proper confused, and wondering why in the world its not playing. Guess what my genius brother comes and does? Clicks the “Power On” button! Like, duh! )


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4 Responses to Play!

  1. LOL! Her brain really is on vacation! I just asked her if its really gone, and she goes, “huh, what? What are you talking about? 😕 ”
    Poor darling, get some chocolate, that will bring your brain back 😛

  2. I really walked into that one. 😳 Ah well, at least you got a laugh, even if it was at me. 😛

  3. With you, not at! 😛 *wub*

  4. I think that has to be the worst when your bro comes in and finds you in a “duh” moment! I hate that then you get ragged on forever. you two are so silly. BTW love the new look. very girly!

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