The meaning of organic

This apple and pear are the smallest I have seen. I looked at them and asked my mom what they were, are they plastic? Do you know why they are so small? ( I put the quarter on top of the apple to give some sense of scale to the dimensions.) I don’t know, I am only guessing: It might be because they are organic, without five million hormones and junk injected in them to bulk them up fast and give ’em nice, rosy color.

Small…but wow, mashaAllah, that was the tastiest pear I have had in a long time. Coming from someone who really abstains from pears, thats quite a recommendation! Go organic!


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8 Responses to The meaning of organic

  1. queenie says:

    Organic is the best, healthy, nutritious, also environmentally friendly! But unfortunately, expensive as well :S

  2. Muslim Wife says:

    Woohoo, organic rocks! Martha Stewart (please hold your judgments! ) did a week-long segment on how to make your life more “earth conscience”. Things like what bulbs to use, what house cleaners are safe for the environments, how to use less water when doing laundry,etc,. And of course, all the organic ways of eating and cooking. She called it “Going Green”. Oh my gosh, I repeated that mantra like a dang parrot for weeks, poor hubby!

    So ya, I’m proud to say I’m going and have gone green for a while, and I’m loving it! Sure, you’ll end up dishing out a bit more money, but in the things that really matter (flour, milk, eggs, veggies) it’s *really* important!

    Note: Whole Food’s brand items aren’t really that much more expensive. I’ve been using their shampoo and conditioner and have been losing a lot less hair plus an added healthy bounce: )

    Another Note: When did my whole comment end up being about me? Lol, masha’allah sis, so glad you had a great pear experience! Here’s to GOING GREEN!!

  3. The Mo says:

    Wow the red pear really looks tasty :s
    However, it is the first time to see a red pear!?
    I don’t think we have these organic fruits over here 😦
    I also doubt whether they are healthy or not…

  4. Umm Layth says:

    They are healthy. (But be careful when you shop at normal stores and they claim certain things are organic – they may or may not be what they claim, that’s why it’s best to go to an organic store period).

    Anyway, they don’t use any sprays on their food that can be harmful to your body. It’s just like letting it all go fresh in your backyard.

  5. Here in Saudi the fruits are organic and mashallah its very nice but the only down side is that if you don’t eat it in like two days or less they go bad. But then again with my lovely bunch of children they don’t last very long…But I do havr to agree with The Mo that pear and plum look delicous….mmm!

  6. Umm Layth says:

    They do look so yummy. I’m craving fruit now.

  7. queenie, It is more expensive! Its tragic how the junk is so inexpensive and so much more accessible; our society would be so much healthier if we could just eat normal, unmodified, healthy food!

    Muslim Wife, hahaha, the whole comment was actually about Going Green! Yay! But next time it can be all about you, I don’t mind! 😀 Very helpful info in your comment; I need to go shampoo/conditioner shopping one of these days, so that’s timely! JazakAllah Khair! But, hey, I have been having a tough time finding organic milk, which for health reasons my family really wants right now.

    The Mo, I was going to say that I don’t think that you guys have as much of a problem with inorganic foods outside the US, at least not as bad as we have it. Even your fast foods are generally healthier than ours (unless you’re frequenting places like KFC and other American chains lol); I mean, a falafel sandwich must be way better for the health than a double cheeseburger!
    But, yeah, red pears…quite uncommon, but oh so good! MashaAllah 🙂

    Umm Layth, Ah, you are so right about the claims to being healthy and then you find out it was the same junk you are trying to avoid. I am always so skeptical, my mom gets frustrated and annoyed with me! lol

    Umm Luqmaan, LOL That’s an apple, not a plum; see, I told you its small! 😀 To be honest, it creeps me out when the fruit sits there for a week and doesn’t go bad…its just soooo wrong. Its so awesome that your kids get to eat healthily, mashaAllah! Better for their growing bodies, their health, everything.

  8. Muslim Wife says:

    I get either Horizons of Stoneyfield organic milk. My regular grocery store carries them. Try checking out Whole Foods.

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