Gelato gone bad

There is an article in today’s LA Times, Food Section, about gelato ice cream, and how its the new fashionable food. I don’t really get how food becomes fashionable, and falls out of flavor, but that’s a whole other story. I mean, there was a cupcake mania…do people all of a sudden stop liking cupcakes because gelato is now “in”? Weird. I like cupcakes always. And I like ice cream (whatever name you want to call it by!) always. And whatever the next “in” desert is, I will probably be liking that always. Its all “in” for me, all the time. But anyhow.There were several things that just made me first shake my head in amusement, and then in disgust. First for the amusing one. There is one gelato shop that makes a pistachio-flavored ice cream, and…

Seeking the right pistachios for the gelato they make in their new Altadena gelateria, they traveled from Rome to Sicily, finding them at last in the little town of Bronté. California pistachios, he says, don’t have the right depth of flavor.

…they just completely dissed our home-grown pistachios. Whatever! I am outraged…but amused at the same time, coz I think I am highly unlikely to ever be able to distinguish California pistas from Sicilian ones from Turkish ones and so on. Pistachios are pistachios. End of! D

And then they listed all the finest gelato places around southern California, and I must say the last one on the list is just ick. I mean, the guy has a specialty gelato made with foie gras. What is foie gras, some may ask? According to Wikipedia, “Foie gras [fwɑ gʁɑ] (French for “fat liver”) is “the liver of a duck or a goose that has been specially fattened by gavage” (as defined by French law[1]).” Now, that might sound delish (well, not to me, but whatever), but not in ice cream! I mean, come on! Ice cream and duck liver just sounds wrong. Imagine how much more wrong that would taste!


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