Just Desserts…

…and served late enough too! That man, Don Imus, with one of the most vile methods of demeaning humans of the world, has finally tipped the scales of bad taste. People complaining about “Oh my god, its not fair how white people have to be politically correct all the time, and have to be so careful now in how they speak” need to wake up and smell the coffee. They have been politically incorrect for hundreds of years, spilling blood like its going out of style. And now they complain when, after an entire career of racially charged rhetoric, a man finally gets the plug pulled when he calls a group of basketball players “nappy headed hos.” How dare they?!

There are two articles that discuss this man’s past indiscretions, which went completely over-looked and unpunished. The first, Thrash Talk Radio, is by the ever-wonderful host of PBS’s Washington Week, and the other, Where Was the Anger When Imus Insulted Arabs, Muslims?, tells a lot about how much provocation Muslims and Arabs have yet to endure.

May Allah give us patience!


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