Virginia Tech

How does a man walk onto a campus,loaded with ammunition, and proceed to kill 32 people? Of those, 5 were professors. Where does the idea come from, that violence and killing can solve problems? Today, the names of the victims are being released, as well as the identity of the shooter, and as we are seeing their names and pictures, it just fills me with a deep sense of sadness.

One of the girls killed is an 18 year old of Lebanese American descent, Reema Samaha. Of course, of all the names I saw, that was the one I picked up and remembered. And another student, Ross Abdallah Alameddine. Its not to say that the lives of the others are any less significant…but when you see the faintest thread of commonality, beyond the humanity that we all share, it propels you from shock right into sadness.

I don’t know how the families of the victims can ever cope with such a senseless, and completely avoidable, loss. My heart goes out to them…all the dreams and wishes they held for these kids, who had everything in life to look for, snuffed out in one mindless instant. Ya Rabbi!

And, yes, I will state the obvious: thank Allah above that the shooter was not a Muslim. This way, the humanity of both the perpetrator and the victims are thoroughly preserved. And yes, its very obvious when the police and media take a whole day before revealing the identity of the perpetrator when its not a Muslim. As a Muslim, I knew instantly that a Muslim did not commit this just from the fact that I never heard the possibility of a “terrorist” relationship.

I hope you are all safe out there, especially those of you attending high schools and colleges across our emotionally fragile nation. May Allah be with you.


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