Back again!

It appears that we are no longer Living Outside the Blog. Apparently, the host has disappeared off the face of the webosphere, and has taken our blog with it. 👿 After giving them 72 hours to come back, my patience is kinda run dry…Which means that we are coming back to our beloved DN blog. It feels a lot like returning home to the parents after a long vacation with the grandparents; you know, the vacation was fabulous, but coming back to see mommy’s brilliant smile is par excellence! So, its with no regrets that I announce that this blog will live on! (InshaAllah. Don’t want WP to get snippy and cut off our blogging lifeline. 😯 )

But I really loved that template we installed over there… 😥 And I am trying to retrieve as many posts as possible from there through Google cache, but all of you people’s comments are definitely gone 😥


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7 Responses to Back again!

  1. Servant of the Compassionate says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww, i was just there trying to get in and it was like “server not found”…SOoooOoo i was totally like WHAT? And then i came here, and was like YAYYYYY! U’re here!!

    hope u’re able to get your posts!!

  2. Muslim Apple says:

    Welcome back, you were definitely missed.

  3. Servant of the Compassionate, Glad you found us! *wub* I have retrieved the posts…and the comments, but those are gonna be a chore to add over here *feeling lazy right now*
    Muslim Apple, Oh, thank you! That truly makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! *hugs*

  4. Sanix says:

    What type of host was it? was it offering a lot more than and what was it’s cost? If you want to buy a paid hosting, which I think you are not, you can look at the wordpress recommendation list where bluehost tops the show.

  5. Sanix, it was a completely free host, and they had an issue that could have been resolved by changing the domain name…but if I do that, that would have been the same thing as coming back here, as far as confusion to my lovely readers. It gave me the option to use all the WP options, such as embedding flash and javascript, plus utilize my own templates. Oh well, I can’t be bothered with another change of address

  6. Sanix says:


    I’ve been testing free wordpress hosts that offer quite a number of flexibilities in addition to hosting, but I never got anyone whom could I trust. If you want a completely flexible wordpress installation, you should buy space from the recommended hosts or the ones which fulfill the wordpress minimum installation requirement.. it’s only a few dollars a year if you can afford which I cannot :-).

  7. Snowdrops says:

    hehe…you’re gonna thanks me for jinx-ing (if you want to call it that) you other blog 😛

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