When I Was A Soldier

by Valerie Zennati

DigiJ found this book on a quick visit to the library, and somehow figured I would find it an interesting read. So, I read this book yesterday, not because I am a fast reader, but because its a really effortless read. Its not super-exciting, but its not super-boring either. Its kind of in that zone where you can read it if you have no other options. Which describes me perfectly. I really need to spend an hour at the library and find some good stuff to read!

This book was basically written for Grade 9 and up (thanks a lot, DigiJ!) and is about a girl’s mandatory 2 year military service in the Israeli Army. The book spends a heck of a lot of time and space describing the first few months of her service, and then devotes a few chapters to the remainder of her military stint. And she touches briefly (almost uncomfortably) on the political aspects of the whole “issue.”

The thing that rather amazed me is how there is not a whole heck of a lot of religious conviction to back up such a duty to an obviously religious country. I mean, for example, the author kind of hints in a couple of places that she questions the existence of God. If there is uncertainty that God exists, then why the certainty that Israel is your Holy Land? I didn’t quite get that, but like I said, I read it all rather quickly, and perhaps I missed the plot a little.


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  1. queenie says:

    Ohh, I think I wanna read this too.
    If you’re looking for a super-easy read with loads and loads of food for thought, on the same sort of topic, check out “Three Wishes” by Deborah Ellis.

  2. queenie, food for thought sounds great! Thanks, I am going to check that out one of these days inshaAllah…

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