My semester is officially over! Thank you, Dr. Niceness, for your mercy!  Ahhhh, I just had to get that out of my system. I feel so thrilled that my summer has officially begun (despite how bloody cold it still is!).

I can’t wait to do all the things on my list: sew some khaleeji-style abayas, read read and read some more, finish painting up our house, exercise till I am half dead, make (and eat!) ice cream…and maybe start looking for a job…woohoooooo indeed!

Ah, I love summer. I can’t wait till the temperatures hit a beautiful 95 F.  Yallah already!


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9 Responses to Woohoooo!!!

  1. Servant of the Compassionate says:

    hit a beautiful 95? GOSSSSH, u’re syco..we need to switch places. The temperature is already 102 F and of course ,it’s just gonna get hotter. Yip De DoOo 😦 hehe, but hope you have a fabulous summer and you get to do all that you want to do and more! Seriously, sewing khaleej style abayas- wow, I am really impressed, Ma’shaAllah! Be sure to send me a picture when you finish, inshaAllah 😀

    OH and I start summer courses on sunday. Plus, this summer looks like it’s going to be my summer of humiliation. I’ve started taking driving courses and let’s just say the intstructor wants to throw me out of the car. I am not exaggerating. The words “your driving sux” actually slipped out of her mouth, by accident ;))

    keep the blog up!

  2. Servant of the Compassionate, I can’t even imagine her actually saying your driving sux! It doesn’t suck, your driving is unique! As is my love for hotter temperatures: not syco, unique! loooooOOooOOOoool You’ll be duly tortured by pictures…but I have to get that nice soft black fabric first, which might be a bit of a trick

  3. noora says:

    i totally lost rack of u guys…kept on checkin yr outside the blog one…didnt find u then thought id try to find u here…:)

    GLAD I FOUND U 🙂 and glad yr break just started…

  4. queenie says:

    Congrats on finishing the semester!
    I wish the weather here would get nice and hot and settle down. We’ve been in limbo between cold rain and thunderstorms and hot and humid weather, and it’s getting annoying, I’ve put away my winter clothes already! :p

  5. Faith says:

    Oh waittt you guys are back here?! I’m like 2 centuries too late! I missed ya gurlies 😥

    Ahh lucky the semester is done for you…I still got 2 weeks *sigh* inshallah it’ll pass by asap! OoO and do you share your reading list one of these days =)

  6. noora, glad you found us! 😀
    Umm Layth, I am enjoying it immensely, alhamdulillah! 😀
    queenie, thanks! I can’t even imagine it getting warm in Canada, so I imagine winter clothes to be actually year-round clothes :x. Well, ok, not really, but you know what I mean 😀 Sounds like annoying weather indeed. For some reason, the weather is just really messed up lately 😦
    Faith, yes, we are back here, due to technical difficulties 😦 I really am hating the spam we get here though 👿 I will put up my reading list one of these fine days. Good luck with your year-end tasks–don’t worry, it will be over before you know it! 😀

  7. Snowdrops says:

    you shouldn’t be wishing for the summer zaanu…its horrible here *ewwks*…winter’s the best 😀 …summer = late isha and early fajr

    winter = snowwwwwwwwww 😀 *wub*

  8. Snowdrops, it makes sense that you would be so over the moon about snowwwwwww! 😆 Summer = more daylight = more productive 😛 Well, thats how my weird head/body see it anyhow 😀

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