So I Was A Wee Annoyed…

…and where better to vent than here, innit? 🙂

Its finals week, and because the teacher told us about our final assignment in this class a bit off schedule, the most natural thing is that the assignment will be turned in late. It wasn’t so bad, because the assignment was our last observation of a preschool, and I presumed that it would be a breeze. The assignment itself was a breeze, but sitting in the preschool classroom was a daydream gone nasty. When I got there, the secretary greeted me with a false smile. You know those, they smile and the second you look away the smile drops and they’re like omg I got a freak in my midst. I see it from the corner of my eye ya know!

Before I know it she’s gone, and back with the director who oh so sweetly tells me she’s afraid the children will not be accustomed to such dressing and will not be able to handle it. To her relief, I willingly offered to remove my niqaab, after all its no biggy, there are only women and children around anyway. After having visited other preschools, I found her approach discouraging, only because the natural instinct children have when seeing something different to ask about it. That made me wonder, are the teachers are ept enough to give them an appropriate answer? Or do they just avoid any potential question, doing a disservice to themselves and the children.

Moving on, I go to a classroom and take a lil chair and make myself comfortable. Within minutes I’m about ready to cry. Throughout the long one hour I spent there, the teacher not once encouraged the children to build on their language skills. Rather she was stuck to her pathetic robotic schedule. We have to eat right now, and after eatingwe have to go outside, and on, and onn. I’m like sitting there going, erm, miss are you teaching them, or are you babysitting?! The only reason this is disheartening is because…this is the college’s child development center! This is the very reality of what the majority of California preschools are like, but I had this fairy tale in my head that at the very leeeast, my college would have a mildly decent preschool.

Funny enough, the director said “oh, you study at our campus, I’m sure we’ll see you around a lot here.” I smiled and nodded, thinking to myself, no freakin way!


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