I am so sick and tired of men and their stupid dramas. Really. Grow up already. Everything they do or don’t do has to have an excuse? Can’t they just admit that they are lazy/not motivated/not in the mood/don’t want to do it (whatever “it” is)?! Ya Rabbi, do we women have to baby-sit them for the rest of our God-forsaken lives? Ya Rabbi, give me the strength to carry on.

Sometimes, I think its directly because of how completely retarded our men can be that Muslim women end up in the nonsense they get into. You know the perfectly nice girl who doesn’t wear hijab, and works with ghair-mahram men? Maybe she realized that men don’t care about your level of deen, they just care what degree you have and how much you earn. And if they don’t care about your degree, maybe they just care about how much of a slave you can be to their various whims and fancies. And you know, maybe she woke up one morning and told herself, “I need to live for myself, I need to be able to fend for myself in this crazy world, because there are no men on this planet, just a bunch of psychotic cry-babies pretending to be men!” Maybe she has a reason for doing the “unIslamic” things she does, a reason that is directly tied to the dumb “men” in her life.
Ugh. Do we have to do everything by ourselves?! Sheesh! And no, I don’t hate men–how can I hate that which does not exist?!


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  1. batoota says:

    ha! the last line was a zinger! i used something similar to that once in a poem i wrote 😉

    the only thing i wanted to say is that we are never God forsaken- we forsake God, but God does not forsake us. I know what you meant though, just wanted to point that out.

  2. you are a funny one aren’t you…? I agree with you 100%.. 😀

  3. batoota, You are so correct, thank you. No, I did not at all literally mean that God has forsaken me, alhamdulillah that never happens. Sometimes, it feels like Allah has forsaken us to the males of our species…but of course that is not so. It is only my own shortcomings that make me occasionally feel that way :(. Bah, that zinger is one of my oldest complaints 😡 Good to know its a popular sentiment 😉
    Rebellious Arab Girl, lol I guess its kind of funny looking at it 12 hours later…I soooo was not laughing last night, though! I agree with me 100 % too! 😀

  4. Faith says:

    “Sheesh! And no, I don’t hate men–how can I hate that which does not exist?!”

    That one had me laughing down on the floor! 😀 but on a more serious note, you’re right…ahh the male species.

  5. fear Allah says:

    sister you cannot say men dont exist, that way you will be making thulm on those real men out there who are doing their duty for the sake of Allah and sacrifcing for his deen. do you know about every man on this earth, no! then please do not say such thing as you will be making thulm against them, and the thulm is thulumat on judgement day.

    and no one can use excuses to sin and disobey Allah, that is pure batil. can we come on judgement day and say O Allah i didnt obey your commands bcuz of so n so?

    so fear Allah and be just


  6. Faith, I so hate being right on this one! 😕 Glad it gave you a bit of a giggle though 😀
    fear Allah, brother (or sister), I was not being literal, and Allah surely knows my intention was not to cause thulm. Surely, you must realize that I *do* know quite a few who *are* men (i.e. brothers, father, grandfathers, uncles, cousins), and thus I certainly cannot be completely literal with that over-statement. May you forgive me for the misunderstanding that resulted from my extreme stress.
    Many apologies to the “real men” out there
    As for “no one can use excuses to sin and disobey Allah”…Allah surely knows why some do what they do. Perhaps some would rather not open their hands and beg, and perhaps Allah would excuse them on those grounds alone. Perhaps me and you oppressing them with our preaching would wipe out their sins, and transfer their sins to us. Perhaps. I don’t know. It was a scenario for the purpose of explaining why some women do the things they do. They are sinning…but behind every sinner, there just might be someone pushing them off the cliff. Its my job to not be that person, and it is my job to abstain from sin as much as possible. May Allah make it so. Ameen.

  7. queenie says:

    Aww, you need a *hug*. I hear ya sista, it can definately be frustrating sometimes :S

  8. queenie, I needed that! *hug* 😀 (Frustrating is to put it mildly…)

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