Abandon secular education!

Or not. 🙄

There seems to be this new trend amongst the ulama, to discourage the youth away from secular education and bring them towards hifdh and ‘ilm. MashaAllah, that’s all good and well. But there seems to be a lack of wisdom in the way it is being done. Have we forgotten that some of the most brilliant scientists and mathematicians were Muslims? Yet, now we’re becoming this strange group that goes, oh no, how can you seek secular education? Astaghfirullah, you should not chase after the dunya!

I agree with that point. We should not chase after the dunya. As Muslims when we seek education, it should be with the intent of supporting our families (well that’s for the brothers, before you’ll get ideas that I’m saying sisters have to support the family) and benefiting this ummah. Islam is not a religion that says you have to sit in a masjid all day learning the Quran and Hadith. You are expected to work and be productive, for that is the only way for us to be a community that progresses in this world. The Ashab asSuffah, who were residents of the Masjid al Nabawi, did not just say they’ll live in the Masjid all day. They sought ways to make an income. Sayyidina ‘Umar (Radiallahu Anhu) and his neighbor worked out a plan, where one would spend the day in the company of Sayyidina Rasulullah (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) to learn the deen, while the other would work on the farm. They would then bring back the knowledge to the other to inform him of what he missed.

Don’t chase after this world, but don’t abandon everything. That doesn’t help the Ummah at all.


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  1. Snowdrops says:

    Gooooooooga! Excellent point! It just seems that some muslims get the wrong idea of ‘going after the dunya’.

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