Poor baby, literally!

We’re heading for the times of jahiliya all over again.

A customer at a Denny’s restaurant found a newborn baby girl in a trash can inside the women’s restroom Monday afternoon, police said.

The rest of the story here.

How can any mother do that?! Not only that, apparently her boyfriend and his parents were in the Denny’s with her, so erm, like didn’t they even like freak out and go how could you toss your baby in the trash can?! Logic, anybody?! Man, now entering public restrooms will freak me out more than it already did.

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3 Responses to Poor baby, literally!

  1. Sumera says:

    Thats just sad 😦

  2. Shahrzad says:

    I think it is not bcs of going back to jaheliya era or hating to hv girls or something similar. One of reasons is poverty. I hate even to hear these events. But i think we cant blame mom without hearing her words.It is really bad job. But imagine what happened to that mom ( as you say no mom can do it) she forced to leave part of herself in front of restaurant. I had so many reports related to this topic and i listened to so many moms who did this stupid job. They are Poverty, corruption, rape and violance that happen to women everyday and make weak ones stone heart and unbeliever. Because poverty can lead to disbelief and wellness instills self-esteem(Hadith).
    Thank you for your good posts.. 🙂

  3. Innit, Sumera.

    Shahrzad, firstly, jazakallah khair for reminding me about that hadith. Oops, I didn’t mean jahiliya as in because the baby’s a girl. I figured she woulda done it if the baby were a boy too. I understand the poverty, but at the same time…well, if the girl is in such despair, then contact the authorities? Give up the baby to the state and let somebody adopt it or something… I’m honestly not meaning to judge her, and I pray that none of us ever face such a situation.

    Btw, welcome to my blog both of you! 🙂

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