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Two dead…

A Muslimah, Sadiya Sahal, and her two year old daughter, Hana Mohamed, passed away during the Mississippi freeway bridge collapse. 😥 She was a nursing student and five months pregnant. Satuday, family and friends buried two people who were killed … Continue reading

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Lookin down

I came across these pretty cool video of Makkah. It was taken from the top of one of the towers of Abraj al Bayt which is being built across the Masjid al Haram. If you’re freaked by heights and looking … Continue reading

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Friday night, ABC had a special about the life of Billy Graham, Pastor to the Presidents. He was around for Dwight D. Eisenhower’s death, Kennedy’s, Johnson’s, and Nixon’s presidencies, Reagan’s Cold War stand-off with Gorbachev and that wall, George Bush’s … Continue reading

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