A recipe for living life

You know how there are times when you read something, and the words just hit you with crystal clarity…the following that I just read on Qisas.com is one of those moments. Its filled with hope for a better me, with a clear message on how to make the most of this gift called life, in a way that will inshaAllah be pleasing to my Creator…what do these words say to you?

Part from the days where you used to do as you wish
And restrain your soul when the decree of Allah is ordained
And don’t despair over the events of the past
For none of the events of the dunya were ever meant to remain
And be a man who is firm upon his affairs
And whose character is that of pardoning and nobility
And there is no sadness or happiness that is continuous
Just as there is no comfort or pain
If you are a person who is satisfied with what he has
Then you and the owner of all possessions are equal
And upon he whose open valley death descends upon
Then there is no earth or sky to protect you from it
And the earth of Allah is vast but
When the ordainment of Allah descends even the open valley congests.

[Imam Shafi]

Simply and stunningly beautiful. Mash’Allah! Its the perfect beginning to the final month before Ramadaan…inshaAllah…


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5 Responses to A recipe for living life

  1. mehru says:

    absolutely beautiful and inspiring poem…I’m not much of a blog reader but yours has really drawn me in…Much love to all my muslim sisters out there!

  2. Dino$ says:

    i m soo excited about ramadan it will be my first ramadan married! probably will do loads of cooking too!! WISH ME Luck 🙂 thanks for your comments…

    inshala this month will be a month of 3ibada and true iman and may God shower his blessing upon you and your loved ones…

    salam sis

  3. mehru, I am so touched by your sweet words, and look forward to reading more from you. Lots of love right back at you! *hugs* And I so love this poem, mashaAllah…

    Dino$, Ameen! Welcome back from the honeymoon! 😀 InshaAllah, your Sha’baan and Ramadaan will just be a continuation of that honeymoon, and hopefully it will be full of ‘ibada for all of us!

  4. Dino$ says:

    thanks for your sweet comment 🙂 Allah yis3idik

  5. Dino$, you are more than welcome…BarakAllahu feeki 🙂

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