Amazing but true

How awesome is this sign found in one of our local libraries:


First foot-baths in the Univesity of Michigan…and now an Arabic story-time…it’s things like this that make me smile! See, not only are we normal, our kids enjoy good, clean, healthy drama too! Ah, camera phones (even ancient ones!) are beautiful for recording such special moments…subhanAllah…


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6 Responses to Amazing but true

  1. that’s so cool
    it must be so awesome living in Michigan MashaAllah

  2. tradicionalista, Well, Michigan does seem to have a lot going for it–and I think the awesomeness is spreading! 😀

  3. Umm Layth says:

    That’s so cool!
    *walks off singing*

    I don’t wanna grow up, cuz I’m a… *waves*

  4. Muslim Wife says:

    Cool! Is it just for kids? Ya think we’d stick out if we attended? 😉

  5. Detroit is Arab land.. love it.. can’t wait for more of this spread all over north america.

  6. Umm Layth, looooool don’t ever grow up, sweet sister, I love you just the way you are 😛 (Oh, and I don’t wanna grow up either!)

    Muslim Wife, 😆 nah, a bunch of niqaabis gate-crashing a kiddo story-time would not be obvious at all!!! Alas, it’s too late, the 25th has come and gone 😥

    Rebellious Arab Girl, and this isn’t even Detroit! All the way here in California…Ah, the sweet sound of Arabic is spreading 😀

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