Ramadaan, day 6

As it should be, the onset of Ramadaan seems to have reduced everybody’s interest in the Muslamic blogosphere, and my activity online is significantly reduced as well…except for the somewhat more frequent blog posting. So whichever Muslims are still dropping by, please know that I feel totally honored to have you reading.

On one of the few sites I have visited lately, I read an article about ‘a bankrupt Ramadaan in Gaza.’ I will let whoever is interested search for it, and find it for yourselves. The irony of this article is that it’s such a contrast to some of the blog posts I have skimmed past in my quick foray into the Muslim-Ramadaan blogosphere. There, I read a few posts extolling the virtues of reducing the kitchen work, and exhorting upon us to not pursue the cooking (or buying?) of extravagant iftaars. It’s ironic, because here we are as Muslims in the West, with the full capability (financially, physically, and otherwise) to fill our iftaar tables with generosity and abundance–yet we are aiming to decrease. And on the other side of the world, there are people who would love to be in our situation, who would give thanks to Allah for being able to buy the produce they need/want in order to feed their families nutritiously and generously.

It makes me wonder…how much food shopping and kitchen work does it take for us to be over on the extravagant side? And how bare would we really want our tables to be? Should we “use it before we lose it?” And is not the feeding of our fasting families, with dishes that are out of the norm but take no more effort than what we do year-round, considered an act ibaadah (worship)?

I pray that Allah gives us (my family) the ability to balance our cooking with our other acts of ibaadah. I pray that Allah grants our fasting brothers, sisters, and children around the globe with reprieve from the suffering they are undergoing. I pray that Allah never tests me in the way that my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters are being tested. I pray that Allah rewards us all for our acts of worship and patience, and that He increases us in our devotion to Him and in our patience for His Sake. Ameen.


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3 Responses to Ramadaan, day 6

  1. mehru says:

    Ameen to your duas. Quite honestly, I haven’t got around to actually making the recipes you posted what with all the reports and projects that college life crams down your throat but…InshaAllah. For now, drooling over the pics is enough :). And I do agree that if Allah has blessed you with an abundance of food and wealth then it’s your duty to make the most of those Blessings and share them with others as much as you can. May Allah also give us the ability to show gratefulness for everything He has given us. (ameen)

  2. Umm Layth says:

    and there are enough ppl in our own cities that need food. We need to put more effort into feeding them, cause what’s enough for 1 is enough for 2, and so on!

  3. mehru, I totally understand the pressures of college life–especially during Ramadaan. For now, just gaze longingly at the pics, that’s what they are there for 😉 “May Allah also give us the ability to show gratefulness for everything He has given us.” Ameen!

    Umm Layth, I was just thinking that myself this afternoon–the extra food that is leftover (and there is always leftovers, no matter how little you make!) can so easily be dropped off at a homeless shelter, or even left in the masjid; there is never a shortage of people, even in our relatively lavish surroundings, who would appreciate just a little something…

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