Goin by too fast…

I can’t believe it’s already the 10th night (and 11th night for others) of Ramadhaan! The peacefulness and serenity of the month has felt soo good, and it’s gonna be over before we even know it.  I honestly feel like I haven’t taken enough out of this month as I ought to be… 😥  But I have to say, alhamdulillah it has really lifted my imaan, so inshaAllah that will keep up throughout the year.  *Yippy yay*

During Taraweeh last night, as my sister and I were praying together, it started lightening and thundering.  Afterwards, when we were finished, I walk out of the room, and I hear the pitter patter of rain.  It was such a nice and soothing sound alhamdulillah.  It made me think how amazing and even scary rain can be…  I remember hearing a lecture once, where the Qari sab was saying that in places like South Africa (he was there at the time, hence that example) they see clouds and get excited hoping for rain, while it’s not as though without rain they won’t be able to survive.  On the other hand, in places like India, they get excessive rain which causes them to suffer.  What is received with joy for some, is received with anxiety for others…  May Allah grant us what is good for us and keep us away from that which is harmful.  Ameen.

That said, it was so nice falling asleep last night, to the sound of soft rain.  It was wuvly.. 🙂


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