Utterly Saddening

It’s really sad how as children we cross the line and have the audacity to speak to our parents and treat them in such a manner that is more self-harming than will harm them. Of course the pain caused against them will break their hearts forever and hurt them in ways unknown, but can you really move on and live your life without a guilty conscious knowing what you intentionally you did. So easily do we forget that when we were most vulnerable, Allah blessed us by giving us caretakers who would love us and look after us like no other human would bother to afterwards. Yea, other people come into your life telling you how much they care for you, and do a few token deeds, but your parents never have to say they love you…their actions showed you that from the first minute.

No matter how little your mother does, nobody will ever do for you what she has done. Never. And she has done more than her share. Nobody will do that.

May Allah guide us and increase us in imaan and may He reward our parents for what they have done for us. Ameen.


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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One Response to Utterly Saddening

  1. leila says:

    true really…but after we get older, we realize how unfair we were to them…specially moms….when I heard sami yusuf’s nasheed “mother” it just hit me…subhanallah..but its blessing to realize this till we still have them next to us, alhamdulillah.. Al Jannah is under mother’s feet…
    amin to your doa, sis.

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